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Welcome to the final instalment of the Mindful Minecraft series! Recently, there’s been news of a very special version of the game – Minecraft Education Edition – a collaboration between Mojang and Microsoft! They are still developing it but it appears there will be new features for students and lesson plans for teachers.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But I digress. Moving on, I’ll be introducing some Minecraft activities that you and your child can enjoy. Whether they’re activities you can do in the game or offline, it’ll be an interesting way to spice up the weekday afternoons.

10 activities to do with your child in Minecraft (without mods)

1. Makeover

Change your Steve character skins! Look for some snazzy new skins here and simply upload them onto your online Mojang account profile. From fairies to astronauts, the possibilities are endless!


2. Biome Exploration

Explore the various biomes in Minecraft, especially the Mushroom Island biome, home to the elusive Mooshroom.


3. Village Life

Visit an NPC village with your child. They are normally found in plains, savannah or desert biomes and are home to five different types of NPCs: blacksmiths, butchers, farmers, librarians and priests. Since they normally use emeralds as currency, make sure you have some of that green mineral if you are looking to trade.


4. Cave Mining

Gather minerals together with a trusty iron pickaxe; the deeper you dig, the higher the chances of finding diamonds! Diamonds are typically located 9 – 12 layers above bedrock, the bottommost layer of the world. Just remember not to dig down directly, because you might land yourself in hot lava.


5. Let’s Build a Monument

Replicate a building that your child finds familiar or is particularly interested in, e.g. roller coasters, cosy cottages, garden mazes, clock towers, pyramids, castles etc. The sky’s the limit, literally.


6. Let’s Build a Character

Build silly portraits of each other and the person with the winning masterpiece gets to pelt Minecraft chicken eggs at the other. Alternatively, you can also create large, beautiful 2D pixel art of your child’s favourite cartoon characters like Pikachu or Spider-Man.


7. Fishing

Craft a fishing rod for yourself and your child, then cast the line into the water and get fishing! A fishing rod without enchants has an 85% chance of catching fish, 10% chance of getting junk and a small 5% chance of finding treasure like a Name Tag or a Saddle!


8. Pig Racing

Find a pig, put a saddle on it, and steer the animal with a carrot on a stick. Yeehaw, last one to the finish line is a rotten pig!


9. Wolf & Snow Golem Buddies

Create a cuddly or chilly companion for your child by taming a wild wolf with bones or crafting a snow golem by stacking a pumpkin on top of two blocks of snow. The two buddies will defend you from aggressive mobs but it seems snow golems aren’t very good pathfinders so it’ll typically wander about. Shame you just can’t control it unlike ol’ faithful wolf pup.


10. Trip to Nether

Create a nether portal with obsidian and a flint and steel, then enter the nether realm together and try to survive at least for a while. Search for a nether fortress if you can, because it is probably home to some epic loot, but be careful, as there will most definitely be dangerous mobs. It’ll be wise to bring a bucket of water just in case you get roasted and toasted by a blaze mob.

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