Think you know all the fairytales by heart? This list of books will throw you off and surprise you anew. The authors have reimagined  familiar stories, adding dizzying plot twists that will change how you see these well-known characters. What if Jack climbed the beanstalk to the giant’s castle just to prove to his dad that he can? What if Snow White lived in modern times as a punk princess? What if Rumpelstiltskin wasn’t a villain – just a misunderstood man? So many “what if’s”, so little time! Get to know your favourite fairytale characters all over again in these books.


rumpTitle: Rump – The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin
Author: Liesl Shurtliff
Call No.: J SHU
In a world where names hold power, Rump’s unfortunate name makes him the butt of jokes in his village (which is known as The Village – no, I mean really, it’s the best they could come up with). Rump knows his name is short for something, but he’s not sure what, and his grandmother is unwilling to tell him more. His life as a laughing stock seems to be over when he discovers his ability to spin straw into gold. But with great power comes great responsibility (wise words from The Amazing Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben), and Rump’s powers land him in terrible consequences. This book has a fantastic and heartwarming twist, and you’ll find yourself rooting for Rump in no time.


of giants and iceTitle: Of Giants and Ice (The Ever Afters, Book 1)
Author: Shelby Bach
Call No.: J BAC
Rory is part of the Ever After School (EAS) programme, where kids train to be “real” fairytale characters and will eventually star in their own fairytales. Rory befriends a few of the participants, including Chase. He’s the son of Jack the Giant Slayer, and only wants his busy dad to pay attention to him. Rory also meets the mysterious and cryptic Rapunzel, who reveals that Rory’s own fairytale may be the most epic of all.


halfuponatimeTitle: Half upon a Time
Author: James Riley
Call No.: J RIL
Jack isn’t exactly good at rescuing princesses, but one day, a “Punk Princess” falls from the sky and tells Jack that her grandmother, Snow White, has been kidnapped. Jack sets off to rescue Snow White, and save the lands where fairytale characters live.



Little Red Quacking HoodTitle: Princess Pink and the Land of Fake Believe: Little Red Quacking Hood
Author: Noah Jones
Call No.: JS JON
Princess Pink doesn’t like princesses and the colour pink. Princess just happens to be her first name but she’s definitely NOT a princess. Unlike fairytale princesses, she loves dirty sneakers, giant bugs and cheesy pizza! When she comes across Scaredy-Pants Wolf, she learns that he is extra scared because his bakery has been ravaged by the dastardly Little Red Quacking Hood! Would Princess be able to stop Little Red in this silly mystery tale?


Amazing Maurice and His Educated RodentsTitle: Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
Author: Terry Pratchett
Call No.: Y PRA
Maurice, a smart-talking tomcat, sets his team of intelligent rats and a teenage pied piper loose on towns in order to charge the townsfolk for “solving the rat problem”. However, they get in trouble with a sinister and deadly power when they arrive at a town which already has a rat problem.

Although the author, Terry Pratchett, has passed away and can no longer bestow us with fantastical new tales, he has left behind a legacy of awesome books. Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents is based on the fairytale, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, in which a piper lures rats away by playing his pipe. Pratchett’s version added a dark, funny twist to his characters. The book also won the Carnegie Medal in 2001, which was Pratchett’s first major literary award. It was a ‘fairytale’ win – a major feat for stories considered by some as a less-than-serious style of literature.

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