Storytime With Our Librarians (For ages 4-10)

Don’t let COVID-19 put a damper on your love 💗 for our libraries 📚. Stay connected with us through our online storytelling sessions. Let your evenings be filled with fascinating tales in the four official languages. Tune in to Public Libraries Singapore for the English sessions.

Watch the Mother Tongue language sessions here:
听故事·识世界: Chinese Library Services (中文图书馆服务)
Masa Bercerita: Malay Library Services (Perkhidmatan Perpustakaan Bahasa Melayu)
கதை நேரம்: Tamil Library Services (தமிழ் நூலகச் சேவைகள்)

Update on ‘Storytime with our Librarians’ Videos

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 situation, several publishers had generously allowed NLB to read their books online for the enjoyment of many at no cost and for a limited period only.

As permissions were granted for a limited period only, we will be removing selected ‘Storytime with our Librarians’ videos from Public Libraries Singapore’s Facebook page and our discoveReads website ( from 31 Aug 2020.

We thank you for supporting our videos. Stay tuned for new videos!

🎞 Watch this!


School Holiday Specials with Librarians

Drawing is a fun activity to do when we have to stay in.✏️ Let your children expand on their artistic abilities with our librarian, Angela, who will be showing us how we can create a nice drawing in 4 easy steps.🎨

Do your children like creating their own inventions just like Leonardo Da Vinci? Join our librarian Faye, as she shows us Leonardo’s many amazing inventions and teaches us how to make one of them