The Transmission of Singapore Fujian Nanyin Exhibition 新加坡福建南音传承展

About the Exhibition

Nanyin music is one of the oldest existing music styles of China. It is an ancient art form that has been transmitted from the Han dynasty to present times, passed down from master to student through the oral tradition. This exhibition traces the development of Nanyin music in Singapore, and it is the first of its kind. Preparation for the exhibition began as early as 2005, where team members visited local and overseas Nanyin societies and consulted Nanyin veterans to gather materials and information. They were tireless in their efforts to record and document this important piece of cultural heritage for future generations. If you would like to learn more about the Nanyin tradition, do visit the library@esplanade from 27 Jan to 3 Mar 2013. The exhibition is held at the Glass Showcase exhibition area, with artifacts, manuscripts and scores for viewing, and the Innovation Gallery, where information and a video about Nanyin is on display.

As a tie-in with the exhibition, talks and performances are also on every Sunday from 27 January – 3 March at the Open Stage, library@esplanade.

The Transmission of Singapore Fujian Nanyin Exhibition” is presented by the Traditional Southern Fujian Music Society, and supported by library@esplanade.



正所谓 “溯源无误,流变可稽”, 若要对一门艺术作出正确的判断,必需将它的发展传承的来龙去脉理清。


“新加坡福建南音传承展” 由传统南音社呈现,滨海艺术中心公共图书馆支持。


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