What was the animation style used in Waltz with Bashir?

Waltz with Bashir

Waltz with Bashir. Dir: Ari Folman 2008.
Source: Sharmill Films. All rights reserved.

The animated film, Waltz with Bashir, “uses a unique animation style invented by Yoni Goodman at the Bridgit Folman Film Gang studio in Israel. The technique takes real video, and maps it out so it can be converted into hand drawings and then into traditional animation.

The film was first shot in a sound studio as a 90-minute video and then transferred to a storyboard. From there 2,300 original illustrations were drawn based on the storyboard, which together formed the actual film scenes using Flash animation, classic animation, and 3D technologies” (Zumberg).

Director Ari Folman found that he could only tell his deeply personal story through animation. As he puts it, “I made an animated film because I couldn’t find any other way to tell this story besides through illustrations” (Zumberg).

Moreover, the “surreal and unreal images conjured up by the recollection of these events meant that for Folman, it was ‘only natural to transform the quest into animation, full of imagination and fantasy'” (McCurdy).

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For a more detailed discussion on the animation process behind Waltz with Bashir, you may wish to read Kate McCurdy’s article on the film in full at DG Magazine’s website: www.dgdesignnetwork.com.au , 23 Oct 09.

The film’s official website also contains very interesting — and wry — production notes on the animation process. To look up these production notes, visit the film’s website at: http://waltzwithbashir.com/, 23 Oct 09. Then go to “The Film” > “Production Notes”.

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