Film adaptations of books are aplenty these days, but not all film adaptations are equal. So we picked out a couple that look very promising.

First up is Edge of Tomorrow, the sci-fi actioner based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s 2004 novel All You Need Is Kill. We note that this is not Liman’s first outing where film adaptations are concerned; he also directed The Bourne Identity (2002)  which we think is the best of the series of films based on Robert Ludlum’s eponymous character. Liman is also currently in talks to direct the planned Splinter Cell film, based on the hit video game series created by author Tom Clancy.

It also doesn’t hurt that Tom Cruise and Emily  Blunt are headlining the film. Cruise is always exciting to watch (that guy can outrun any other Hollywood leading man) and Blunt simply commands screen presence, a necessary quality when you’re acting opposite Cruise.

The previous trailers and teasers revealed little, but this latest full trailer shows strong promise.  Watch out for it around end-May.