Like Carmen and Wan Ni, I had gone to the this year’s Asian Festival of Children’s Content. One of the things I really enjoyed was the talk about children’s picture books. Having grown up on children’s books, illustrations, and comics, I enjoy children’s picture books a great deal.

Last month, while I was going through the shelves for interesting stories, I chanced upon The Tree House by Marije and Ronald Tolman. Though it’s a simple story about two bears and a tree house, the creators convey so much about the bears’ lives through the illustrations I felt like I shared the bears’ experiences.

The Tree House

Image from _The Tree House_

While I’m talking about children’s picture books, how could I not mention Shaun Tan’s The Arrival? I chanced upon Tan’s book in a local bookstore and was amazed by the illustrations.

The Arrival cover

Using only colours and frames, Tan tells a simple tale about the life of an emigrant. Through gorgeous illustrations, Tan delineates the various emotions of the protagonist and brings the reader into his world. This really is the winning factor about the book: the details in each and every frame, be it the faces, the background, or things in general.

Page from The Arrival

Page from _The Arrival_

The Arrival is definitely one of the best picture books I have read and can read over and over again. It  flows like a movie, very much like another local comic that I had previous reviewed. If you are wondering what picture book you can get started on as an adult, I highly recommend The Arrival.