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We hope you had a blast with #bookyeared 2013It’s the new year and we have a slew of exciting themes lined up for you in 2014.

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 January – #questread


Kicking off the month of January, we are focusing on quests! That’s right – it’s the start of a new blank book so let’s fill the pages with challenges and exciting goals.

Are you going to pick up a new skill? Start a new hobby? Or maybe you are eager to travel and explore the unknown like Bilbo does in J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

What quests and #questreads will you embark on? Share them with us on Twitter and Instagram with the #questread hashtag! 


February – #smoochread


You can find many lovely things in books – so much passion and emotions bursting from the pages. In February, we celebrate all aspects of love!  Do you feel for the characters in historical romance or sigh wistfully at romantic comedies? Perhaps you just want to share your passion for reading!

Learn more about this month’s theme here. And join us for our bi-monthly live #rwpchat on  Twitter on 25 Feb, starting 6pm Singapore time! 

[Update:] Thanks everyone who took part in February’s discussion!
For those who missed it, a full transcript of the chat is available on Storify!

March – #reelread


It’s movie magic month as we dive into print-to-screen reads at the public libraries. There is a galore of films, television and web series inspired by books and many interesting reads on celebrities, directors and writers.

Do you hate or love to have your favourite books come alive? Tweet your favourite #reelread throughout the month and  join us and the rest of the #rwpchat community for a live Twitter discussion on #reelread on 25 March, starting 6pm.

[Update:] Thanks everyone who took part in March’s discussion!
For those who missed it, a full transcript of the chat is available on Storify!

 April – #legendread


Sometimes stories are based on an urban legend. The stories can be set in any time period including the Medieval era or even the distant future. These stories could be heroic, strange, historical, or supernatural.

Discover these legends and spread their legacy this April. Pick up a #legendread this month from the public libraries!

 May – #fanread


May the fourth be with you! This month we’re diving into the world of books that pay homage to the authors’ favourite books and characters.

Share with us your favourite #fanread throughout May as we explore reads that put a new spin on beloved characters.

Join us and the rest of the #rwpchat community for a live Twitter discussion on #fanread on 27 May, starting 6pm.

[Update:] Thanks everyone who took part in May’s discussion!
For those who missed it, a full transcript of the chat is available on  Storify!

June – #booksthatmovedme

booksmove1_june   bksmove_june

This month, let’s explore the books which have tugged at heartstrings and perhaps even made you reach for the box of tissues.

What has left a lasting impression long after the last page? Share the #booksthatmovedme with us on Twitter and Instagram.

July – #travelread


Longing for a holiday? Sate your wanderlust with #travelread. Whether it’s to foreign lands, through time, or into outer space, there’s a travel read out there for everyone.

The journey of a thousand books starts with the first page. Where will you travel to? Share your journeys with us on Instagram and Twitter with #travelread!