Director’s Note

This issue of BiblioAsia presents yet another selection of diverse and, hopefully, riveting essays for your reading pleasure. Writing is an art form that is increasingly sidelined in this digital world of truncated emails and text messages. Novelist Meira Chand looks back at her collection of written manuscripts – filled with random notes and scribblings…

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British Museum Reading Room in 2006

On Writers and Their Manuscripts

No great work of literature is completed in just one draft. In an age where writers have gone paperless, novelist Meira Chand ponders over the value of manuscripts, and what they might reveal about a writer’s thought process. As a young writer many years ago, it thrilled me to go to the Reading Room of…

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Beachside suburb of Dinard

Georgette Chen: Artist Extraordinaire

Sara Siew examines the link between visual art and the written word through the fascinating story of Singaporean artist Georgette Chen. Artists express themselves in a variety of ways. Although art is the most obvious of these, some artists also rely on the medium of words as a means of self-expression. From private musings and…

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A painting of the USS Vincennes in Disappointment Bay,

U.S. Ex. Ex.: An Expedition for the Ages

The Wilkes Expedition – as it is popularly known – vastly expanded the borders of scientific learning. Vidya Schalk explains how this historic American naval mission between 1838 and 1842 is linked to Singapore.  In early 1842, almost 500 naval officers, sailors and scientists from the United States visited Singapore on their way home after…

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