Please do not submit:

  • Materials that do not directly and clearly represent the impact of COVID-19, e.g. pictures where the subject is abstract, blurred, taken in poor light, etc.
  • Materials with identifiable person(s), including children, taken or submitted without their consent;
  • Materials that may cause distress or offence to others.

As part of NLB’s long term preservation efforts, submissions should preferably be in the following formats:

  • Image. Uncompressed, high-resolution images in TIFF format with a minimal standard of 300 ppi. Photographs should be at least 3MB in size to ensure high-resolution images. If you are unsure about the specifications, simply share the image with the best resolution available.
  • Video. Videos should be filmed in mp4 format and at least 720p resolution. Videos should not exceed 3 minutes or 250MB, and may need to be edited to meet these limits.
  • Audio.  Audio recordings in mp3 format.

When submitting your contribution, you will be asked to agree to the following:

1.     I confirm that I am at least 18 years old and am freely sharing:

a) photographs I have personally taken; 

b) videos I have personally recorded; and/or 

c) text that I have written myself. 


I understand that the photographs, videos and/or text are referred to as “Shared Memories” in the terms below. 

2.     I understand that I continue to own the rights to the Shared Memories and can continue to use them for any purposes and also to share them with others as I see fit.

3.     I agree that the National Library Board (NLB) can do the following with the Shared Memories: 

a) Archive it as part of the NLB’s permanent collections if so decided by NLB. I understand that NLB will not be able to archive all the Shared Memories that NLB receives so some, including mine, may not be retained by NLB. 

b) Use it and allow others to use it for any purposes whatsoever and without limit as to time or place as decided by NLB.

c) The possible uses under sub-paragraph 3b) above include the following examples: 

(i) the right of NLB or others to edit or adapt the Shared Memories as decided by NLB. 

(ii) use in/on exhibitions, the internet and succeeding platforms, mobile applications, interactive kiosks, programmes, the production of books or merchandise or services that promote culture, history or learning.