ZB Happy Read@NLB: The Lost Village 消失的村落

  • Language: 中文
  • Target Audience: Adults
  • Category: Other Happenings
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Fri, 6 Sep, 2019, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (GMT+8)

Central Public Library

Programme Zone

100 Victoria Street

  • Language: 中文
  • Target Audience: Adults

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Oh Kien Tee grew up in the 70s in Marsiling’s Hock Choon Village in the north of Singapore. The village is gone now but the memories of village life remain unforgettable, forming a rich tapestry of the old days on our island country, and reflecting the historical changes of that time. 
Oh Kien Tee, who lived in the village for 12 years, will share accounts of the people, things and incidents that enriched his childhood. The carefree and optimistic villagers’ way of life, the kampung spirit and willingness to help one’s neighbours, the village games that the children indulged in, and the various challenges that the villagers had to face— all of which are now a thing of the past. 

胡建弟在1970年代生长于岛国北部马西岭福春村 ,在这个经已不存在的村落生活了12年。乡村生活令人难忘,点点滴滴的回忆所构成的画面,是岛国旧时风貌的速写,折射出那个时代的历史变迁。

Oh Kien Tee, Singapore Heritage Enthusiast

This talk is conducted in Mandarin and is part of the ZB Happy Read @ NLB series. 

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