ZB Happy Read@NLB: 王沙野峰留给我们的人生智慧 Life Lessons from Wang Sa and Ya Fong

  • Language: 中文
  • Target Audience: Adults, 50 and above
  • Category: Other Happenings
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Fri, 6 Dec, 2019, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (GMT+8)

Central Public Library

Programme Zone

100 Victoria Street

  • Language: 中文
  • Target Audience: Adults, 50 and above

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More than 20 years have passed since renowned comedic duo Wang Sa and Ya Fong left us. Like a whirlwind which swept through Singaporean households, their performances have become part of our collective memories.

Two decades on, what remains of their jokes and humour? These veteran entertainers not only embody the hard work and struggles of the first generation of performance artists; their life stories are also a reflection of the development of Singapore's entertainment industry, and a microcosm of Singapore society in our early years of independence.

This talk will take us through the fascinating lives of Wang Sa and Ya Fong, including lesser-known stories and trivia. Explore their life wisdom, and have a think about the problems they've left behind.

Su Zhangkai, Entertainment History Researcher

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