Pro Series: Costume Design (Tailoring, History, and the Elegant Man)

  • Language: English
  • Target Audience: Adults
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Sat, 25 May, 2019, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (GMT+8)



277 Orchard Rd

  • Language: English
  • Target Audience: Adults

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A tailored suit is the ubiquitous symbol of an elegant man, and an international standard of male formality. Running the range from casual sport coat to ultra-formal tailcoats, it is a staple in the closets of men across all economic brackets. 

How did this one type of garment come to dominate menswear so thoroughly in our modern age, and why does it permeate all levels of society in its various stylistic forms?

Join us as we examine the history of tailoring, explore the different nuances of style and price between casual and formal, day and evening, made-to-measure and bespoke, and learn the key things to look for when buying a suit or having one made.

Look forward to more sessions under our Pro Series, a suite of talks curated by library@orchard that gives insight into the craftsmanship of various design disciplines. Upcoming topics: photography, calligraphy, and costume design.

About the speaker:
Leonard Augustine Choo is a an international costume designer, textile shopper, and bespoke maker. He was the principal fabric shopper for the costume department of the New York City Ballet for 12 seasons, and has worked on over 75 unique ballets. Leonard designs costumes for dance, opera, theatre, and film. He has also lectured at the Arkansas Arts Center, and draped and tailored for the Juilliard School, the television shows Gotham (FOX) and Crashing (HBO), Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Ballet Academy East in New York, Barrington Stage Company, and Opera Omaha.

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