郭宝崑与其教育工作 Kuo Pao Kun: The Educator (Conducted in Mandarin)

  • Language: 中文
  • Target Audience: Adults, Educators/Parents
  • Category: Arts, Other Happenings
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Sat, 18 Mar, 2017, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (GMT+8)

National Library

Level 5 - Possibility Room

100 Victoria Street, National Library Board, Singapore 188064

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  • Language: 中文
  • Target Audience: Adults, Educators/Parents

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The National Library Arts Conversation series is a platform for arts practitioners to share their knowledge and insights with the public.

Kuo Pao Kun is one of Singapore’s greatest dramatists and arts activists and a pioneer of Singapore theatre. Many of his works have been translated into other languages such as Malay, Tamil, German, Japanese, and Arabic. His works have been staged by theatre companies both in Singapore and abroad. He was also an educator who established The Theatre Practice, The Substation and the Intercultural Theatre Institute, formerly known as Theatre Training & Research Programme.

Moderated by Lee Chee Keng, find out more about Kuo’s role as an educator and how his far-sightedness has nurtured generations of theatre practitioners.

This programme will be conducted in Mandarin and is held in conjunction with exhibition Script & Stage: Theatre in Singapore from the 50s to 80s. Join us for a tour of the exhibition after the panel discussion. Admission is free.

新加坡国家图书馆艺术对话系列(National Library Arts Conversation)是一个让艺术工作者与公众分享心得的平台。

新加坡戏剧先驱郭宝崑可以说是新加坡最重要的戏剧家与艺术倡导者。他的许多作品被翻译成其他语言,如:马来语、淡米尔语、德语、日语和阿拉伯语,并由国内外的剧团搬上舞台。他热心戏剧教育,创办了实践剧场和电力站艺术之家,以及剧场训练与研究课程(Theatre Training & Research Programme),并通过这些平台推动教育工作。



Featured Speakers 主讲人

Liu Xiaoyi is a director, actor, playwright and educator. A committed practitioner with a desire to push artistic boundaries, Xiaoyi is considered a promising figure at the forefront of the experimental Chinese theatre scene in Singapore. He was the recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist  Award in 2016.

In 2002, Xiaoyi started working professionally in theatre, which augured what was to become a deeply passionate and rigorous involvement with Singapore Theatre and the Arts. Over the past decade as a professional artist, Xiaoyi distinguished himself first and foremost as an actor. Now, he is considered one of the most acclaimed male actors on the Singapore Mandarin theatre scene. A gifted playwright with a deft sensibility for language, Xiaoyi is one of the most active playwrights in the mandarin theatre scene, creating works that often polarise, drawing both praise and debate. As a director, the cornerstones of his oft lauded but controversial work is unsurprisingly experimentation, introspection, and poetry.

刘晓义是一名导演、演员、编剧和剧场导师。作为一名不断探索艺术边界的创作者,刘晓义被誉为新加坡最年轻有为的实验剧场代表人物。 2016年,晓义获颁新加坡国家艺术理事会年度“青年艺术家奖”。

A recipient of JCCI Singapore Foundation Culture Award in 2005, Tan Beng Tian co-founded The Finger Players in 1996. She was trained in Graphic Design, but 1994 marked the turning point in her career when she left for Fujian, China, to undertake an intensive course on traditional hand puppetry from renowned puppet master the late Li Bofen. Under Beng Tian’s guidance as artistic director, The Finger Players grew from a two to an eight-member strong company.
Besides her company’s productions, Beng Tian has been a part of many important Singaporean works produced by other companies such as Drama Box, The Theatre Practice and TheatreWorks as well as overseas companies such as The Fantasy Puppet Theatre (Hong Kong) and Zuni Icosahedron (Hong Kong).

出于感动和感慨,陈鸣阗在1994 年毅然从平面设计专业,一股脑的飞奔福建泉州学习传统掌中布袋戏,师从已故李伯芬师傅;接着在1996 年和王健松联合创立十指帮,成为十指帮帮主,剧团从二人组合,发展到今天的八人团队,十指帮目前已是新加坡剧场的主要的生力军之一。

一路下来,鸣阗参与了许多木偶及跨艺术形式的创作与演出。了十指帮的演出与创作外,她也和不少国内外剧团和艺术中心合作,例如本地的戏剧盒、实践剧场、剧艺工作坊、滨海艺术中心、香港奇想偶戏剧团和香港进念·二十面体等;鸣阗也在2005 年获颁JCCI 新加坡基金会文化奖。
Moderator 主持人
Dr Lee Chee Keng’s interest in theatre took on a committed and serious dimension during his undergraduate days after he participated in the Playwriting Studio organised by Practice Performing Arts School, which was founded by the late renowned local playwright Kuo Pao Kun. Lee subsequently had various opportunities to work with Kuo over sustained periods of time as an actor and researcher. Lee’s creative practice is anchored in theatre-making, directing and actor training. His theatre is inspired by his appreciation of Asian traditional forms as well as his systematic study of the Stanislavski system during his years at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, China. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Arts and Humanities at Yale-NUS College.

李集庆博士大学时期参加了郭宝崑创办的实践表演艺术学院主办的剧本创作室,开始了他的剧场路程。之后,他参与协助郭宝崑筹备与设置“剧场训练与研究课程”(Theatre Training and Research Programme)的工作,进一步开拓了他的戏剧视野。集庆的主要兴趣在于戏剧创作(Theatre making)、戏剧导戏和演员训练。他的戏剧理念融合了他对于亚洲传统艺术的兴趣和他在北京中央戏剧学院进修时深度接触的斯坦尼斯拉夫斯基体系(Stanislavski's system)。李集庆目前是耶鲁—新加坡国立大学学院(Yale-NUS College)艺术与人文学助理教授。


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