Let's Think Beyond: Reviving Singaporean Food and Culture by Ow Kim Kit

  • Language: English
  • Target Audience: Adults, 50 and above
  • Category: Heritage, Other Happenings
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Sat, 7 Dec, 2019, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (GMT+8)


Programme 2

1 Harbourfront Walk #03-05 Singapore 098585

  • Language: English
  • Target Audience: Adults, 50 and above

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This will be an engaging discussion that addresses issues in Singaporean identity through the lens of Singaporan food, led by author and lawyer, Ms Ow Kim Kit. We also encourage participants to share their own understanding of their identify through Singaporean cuisine.

Ow Kim Kit’s book Delicious Heirlooms, besides being a testimony to the need for passion in one’s work, the importance of family, triggers some questions. Why the need for recently dedicated movements to revive Singaporean food? Does this suggest that our homegrown foods and older, traditional restaurants, are struggling? Are we now stereotyping heritage food as for the oldies, passe, not cool? 

In Singapore, are there stereotypes prevailing about food, types of food? Will the way heritage food is perceived, be a reason why our food history is being dissolved? Kim Kit, a Singaporean lawyer, will address and lead discussion in these areas, augmented by how she sees her own ethnic background and history as influencing her perceptions of food, life. When not eating or researching old-school restaurants, Kim Kit juggles between a busy banking & finance
-legal practice and family. 

This session is suitable for adults and seniors.
Admission is free but registration is required.

Let's Think Beyond is a series of programmes curated for the "Black & Gold" theme at library@harbourfront for this November and December. During this period, we wish to engage the community in diverse areas and think about the discrimination and stereotypes that govern us. We invite you to think beyond: be open, embrace differences and act for harmony.

More about the speaker:

Ow Kim Kit's book, Delicious Heirlooms, features stories of what make Singaporean cuisine unique and highlights the owners' preseverance to keep their businesses within the family despite potential buyout offers. A total of 10 restaurants that are rooted in Singapore for 50 years, are featured in this project supported by the National Heritage Board (NHB). The book not only chronicles teir back stories but also includes input from younger members of the family-run businesses on how they plan to keep the restaurants and the spirit of their forefathers alive. You can find her books on our bookshelves or borrow through our digital library.

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