The Crowd Favourite Award 2017 is a component of the Reading Excellence Award 2017.
The school that receives the highest number of votes will win a $2,000 prize.

Voting Period
9 January 2017, 12pm - 9 February 2017, 12pm

Blackout period
1 February 2017, 12pm - 9 February 2017, 12pm
During the blackout period, the number of votes will be masked.


Frequently Asked Questions/Technical Guide

    1. Can I vote more than once?


  • Why can't I see the votes?
    The votes are masked from 1 February 2017 onwards.



  • Why can't I vote?
    You may be using a browser that doesn't support the voting mechanism. The recommended browser is Google Chrome. If you are using Chrome, try clearing your browser cache.



  • When will I know the results?
    The results of the Crowd Favourite Award will be released in conjunction with the results for the Reading Excellence Award 2017 on 14 February 2017.


Disclaimer: The voting is a third party mechanism. NLB is unable to assist with further technical issues.