Archives Unlocked: “Last time…” Stories told by persons living with dementia

Published on : 19 May 2022

Archives Unlocked: “Last time…” Stories told by persons living with dementia

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Oral History Centre of Singapore, together with the Singapore University of Social Sciences and Dementia Singapore embarked on a meaningful journey to document the stories of eight persons living with dementia and their caregivers. The act of reminiscing is used to promote the wellbeing of seniors. Through adapting oral history methodology,  these seniors are given the space to recollect, reflect, tell and record their days of growing up in Singapore. Come and listen to their tales of climbing Mount Faber, falling in love, dishing up their favourite Peranakan foods, raising children and making do with a failing memory.


Thu, 30 Jun 2022 

6 pm – 7 pm

Via Zoom

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About the Speakers


Patricia Lee is a Senior Oral History Specialist at the National Archives of Singapore. From the man on the street, to prisoners of war and feisty unionists, Patricia has more than a thousand hours of recorded interviews under her belt. She also designs and conducts customised oral history training workshops for public institutions on documenting corporate memories.

Patricia champions the use of oral narratives to give meaning to one's identity. A trained facilitator in reminiscence arts in dementia care, her current research interest involves the use of adaptive oral history methodology in reminiscence work among the growing population of elderly in Singapore. 


Guest Speaker

Associate Professor Carol Ma is the Head of Gerontology Programmes (Master & PhD) at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. She is a strong advocate for and an active and passionate practitioner in service-learning and ageing. She takes the lead in curriculum development, community engagement and research in Gerontology and promotes transdisciplinary education to address ageing issues. She has led various ageing and service-learning projects such as the Elder Learning Development Project, Age-friendly Cities Project (accredited by WHO) and the Intergenerational Project on Health and Wellbeing. She is currently working on a project on reminiscence in dementia care with the National Archives of Singapore and Dementia Singapore.


About Archives Unlocked

Curious about what goes on in the National Archives of Singapore? Join us for this monthly series of talks, as we unlock stories of our nation through the archives’ collections.

Archives Invites: Shawn Seah - Seah Eu Chin, His Life and Times

Published on : 19 May 2022

Archives Invites: Shawn Seah - Seah Eu Chin, His Life and Times

One of Singapore’s prominent pioneers, Seah Eu Chin (1805–1883) was known as the king of gambier and pepper. He was also the founder of the Ngee Ann Kongsi. A Justice of the Peace, Seah brought order and stability in Singapore’s tumultuous early days by mediating during riots. Join Shawn Seah as he explores the life and times of his ancestor and his illustrious sons, Seah Liang Seah (1850–1925) and Seah Peck Seah (1857–1939), whose legacies have been immortalised in Singapore’s street names. Shawn will also share about relevant and useful NLB resources that have helped him in his research

Tue, Jun 21 2022

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm

Via Zoom

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About the Speaker

Shawn Seah is the author of “My Father’s Kampung: A History of Aukang and Punggol”, a finalist for Best Non-Fiction Title and a Top 10 Readers’ Choice of the Singapore Book Awards 2021. He is also the author of books on Seah Eu Chin and Seah Liang Seah. He has shared stories at the Peranakan Museum; Blackbox at Fort Canning Centre during the Singapore Bicentennial; and the National University of Singapore. He has also been part of the Singapore Heritage Festival and the Baba-Nyonya Literary Festival. Shawn holds an MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics.


About Archives Invites

Community histories unfold in this series that traces Singapore’s social past with help from the archives.

Archives Unlocked: Singapore of Yesteryear Through Sights and Voices

Published on : 29 Apr 2022


Ever wondered how much has Singapore changed over the years? Journey back in time as we uncover Singapore’s past through archival records of old but familiar places. This talk will present records ranging from photographs to oral history accounts that will bring history closer to us as we look back at these places with a different angle.

Thu, 26 May 2022

6 pm – 7 pm

Via Zoom

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About the Speaker

Lu Wenshi is the Senior Manager of Archives Services at the National Archives of Singapore. She appreciates the importance of archival records which makes history more accessible to everyone. Photographs, posters and oral history accounts are among her favourite collections at the Archives.


About Archives Unlocked

Curious about what goes on in the National Archives of Singapore? Join us for this monthly series of talks, as we unlock stories of our nation through the archives’ collections.

Histories: Our Hawker Centres – Gastronomic Exhilaration in Multiculturalism

Published on : 25 Apr 2022

Histories: Our Hawker Centres – Gastronomic Exhilaration in Multiculturalism


Join us for this talk to rediscover the beauty of our hawker centres and multiculturalism!


About this event

One of the most wonderful things about Singapore are is our hawker centres! Besides the convenience and wallet-friendly prices, did you know that our hawker centres also epitomize the great cultural, or multicultural, identity of Singapore? Join us for this talk to rediscover the beauty of our hawker centres and multiculturalism! You will also learn how you can be a part of this vibrant scene!    


Mon, 20 Jun 2022

6pm – 7pm

via Zoom

Register at:



About the Speaker

Eugene Lim is a senior lecturer with the Centre for Foundation and General Studies at Nanyang Polytechnic. He is involved in both pre-employment and continuing education and also trains learners at the polytechnic. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Social Sciences degrees.  He also has a Master's in Human Resource Development and Education from George Washington University, where he received the Len Nadler award.


 About Histories

This series highlights research on historical and related matters in Singapore and the region, creating an appreciation of the role of humanities and social science research in contemporary society.


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Why did a more water-resistant paper not take off in the 1920s? Find out in the latest issue of BiblioAsia

Published on : 25 Apr 2022


About 100 years ago, someone thought of adding liquid latex to the papermaking process to make paper stronger and more water-resistant. Find out why the idea sank like a stone in our cover story.


In this issue, we also look at the seeds of orchid diplomacy, examine how the Padang took shape, peer inside the pioneering Kamala Club, and witness the growing pains of Kandang Kerbau Hospital.


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About BiblioAsia

BiblioAsia features the history, culture and heritage of Singapore within the larger Asian context. It is a publication of National Library Singapore.

Tamil Cholai

Published on : 16 Apr 2022

Tamil Cholai

Tamil Cholai, Singapore’s largest Tamil literary collection, is now at Woodlands Regional Library!


Featuring around 20,000 contemporary and classical works, Tamil Cholai offers an incredible blend of fiction and non-fiction titles predominantly in Tamil, and a specially curated collection in English, Chinese and Malay.


From 16 Apr to 30 Jun 2022, explore a series of curated programmes that will introduce the new Tamil collection. Immerse yourself in engaging conversations with key speakers from the Tamil community.

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The Little Book Box

Published on : 18 Jan 2022

The Little Book Box

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Take the lead in your lifelong learning and rewrite the possibilities at The LLiBrary!

Published on : 22 Jul 2021

Take the lead in your lifelong learning and rewrite the possibilities at The LLiBrary!

Whether you are dreaming of starting your own business, looking for ideas in your current job or feeling inspired to pursue a different career, you will find everything you need to kick-start your plans at The LLibrary.


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For more information, please visit


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