Past, Present, Future: Languages of Singapore

Published on : 15 Sep 2021

Past, Present, Future: Languages of Singapore

How can we understand multilingualism in Singapore? How has it changed and how has it been practiced? What do we know about non-official languages? What do we know about the languages of communities we might not identify with? Join us as we explore and unpack these questions along with the newly published volume of Multilingual Singapore.


Tue, 5 Oct 2021

6 pm – 7.30 pm

Zoom Webinar

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Presented by:

  • Prof Ng Bee Chin, Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University


  • Dr Ritu Jain, Lecturer, Language and Communication Centre, Nanyang Technological University


  • Dr Luke Lu, Lecturer, Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, Nanyang Technological University


Moderated by:

  • Dr Chua Ai Lin, Executive Director, Singapore Heritage Society

A Librarian’s World: Celebrating Singapore’s ‘Page-to-Stage’ Gems from the National Library’s Arts Collection

Published on : 15 Sep 2021

A Librarian’s World: Celebrating Singapore’s ‘Page-to-Stage’ Gems from the National Library’s Arts Collection

Join Librarian Michelle Heng as she uncovers gems from the National Library's English-language theatre and performing arts collection.


Thu, 23 Sep 2021

6 pm – 7 pm

Zoom Webinar

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About the Librarian

Michelle Heng is a Librarian with the National Library, Singapore, and works with the Literary Arts (English) Collection. She recently co-hosted a podcast about the history of homegrown musicals on Radio DDC, the National Library’s podcast channel. Her research interests lie in Singapore and Asian literature as well as arts and entertainment.


About A Librarian’s World

Ever wondered what librarians do? In this series of monthly talks, find out what makes our librarians tick as they share highlights of their work from the collections of the National Library.

Archives Invites: Patricia Welch – Lessons Learned Writing the History of a Society or Club

Published on : 12 Aug 2021

Archives Invites: Patricia Welch – Lessons Learned Writing the History of a Society or Club

How does one research and write the 50-year history of a Singaporean society or group when few founding members are to be found, and there was never an official office to store its records and files? 


Patricia Welch embarks on a journey of discovery as she unravels the history of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society (SEACS), which revealed not only their story but also how this small Singapore society had made a global impact.

Thu, 30 Sep 2021

6 pm – 7 pm

Zoom Webinar

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About the Speaker
Patricia Welch, a 25-year resident of Singapore, and recent President of SEACS, started with the proverbial blank piece of paper. Her experiences can provide a roadmap to other organisations who may be considering similar projects as she shares the resources she found at the National Archives, Singapore and elsewhere.


About Archives Invites

Community histories unfold in this series that traces Singapore’s social past with help from the archives. 

Archives Unlocked: Warmth in the Midst of a Pandemic

Published on : 12 Aug 2021

Archives Unlocked: Warmth in the Midst of a Pandemic

在过去的一年里,口述历史中心招募和培训了一批社区志愿访员,通过Zoom 视频方式与各界人士进行网上口述历史访谈。











高丽莲女士是新加坡国家档案馆顾问。她曾担任国家图书馆管理局阅读推广处处长, 策划及

推广了全民阅读的多项活动,设立和发展许多读书会。加入档案馆口述历史中心后,高女士采访了160多位各行各业人士。在过去的一年来, 她協助招募和培训社区志愿访员收集有关冠病疫情对国人的工作及生活的影响。

BiblioAsia Covers the Story of the Forgotten Murals at the Former Paya Lebar Airport

Published on : 29 Jul 2021

BiblioAsia Covers the Story of the Forgotten Murals at the Former Paya Lebar Airport

Of the three enormous murals that used to grace the walls of the former Paya Lebar Airport, only one remains today. Dahlia Shamsuddin, whose father designed one of the murals, tells us the inside story.

The July issue of BiblioAsia also includes the history of vaccination in Singapore, the evolution of Mulan’s story, early printing in the Philippines, the advent of apartment living in Singapore, and more.

Read the latest BiblioAsia issue

About BiblioAsia

Produced by the National Library Board, BiblioAsia is a free quarterly publication that features articles on the history, culture and heritage of Singapore within the larger Asian context.

The Little Book Box

Published on : 27 Apr 2021

The Little Book Box

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Reading is a special gift we can provide for our children, and now it has become easier to get your hands on books from our librarians’ choice list. For a monthly subscription fee of S$10.70 (inclusive of GST), a box of 8 books, specially curated for children will be delivered to your doorstep.


1. Books delivered to the comfort of your homes for 3 consecutive months

A minimum subscription period of three (3) months is required with an upfront amount of S$32.10 (inclusive of GST). These books will be delivered every month.


2. A mix of books hand-picked by our librarians to help enrich your child’s reading journey

Subscribers will receive a monthly selection of eight (8) English children’s books, including a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles, and those from the Singapore collection. These books span a broad range of children's interests and are catered for two age groups, 4-6 years old and 7-9 years old.


3. An additional 8 books on top of your current loan quota

Books under this service do not fall within the usual loan quota. Therefore, subscribers can still continue to borrow up to 16 books (for basic member) and 24 books (for partner member), while having 8 books delivered to them. Subscribers may monitor the due dates of the books under this service in their library membership account, or refer to the printed receipt that will be inserted into the box with their book.


Click here for a full list of FAQ.


Terms of Service


1. You must apply to be a subscriber to this delivery service. There are a limited number of available subscriptions so no promise is made that every application will be successful.


2. To apply for this delivery service, you must first be a National Library Board (NLB) library member and must not have any unpaid fees/charges in your membership account. (Note: If the membership you hold is an annual one, there must be at least 6 months remaining to your library membership when your application is received.)


3. Each subscription period is for 3 months.


4. Under the subscription, you agree that a set of 8 books as selected by NLB will be delivered to you each month. You also agree that this service cannot cater for individual preferences so no requests for exchanges can be made.


5. Delivery schedules may differ but you will be able to enjoy reading the books for at least 21 days. The precise loan period and date due for the books will be shown in your library membership account.


6. The books must be returned to any NLB public library via the Bookdrop by the due date. (Note that there will be charges for overdue and lost books. See the rates at


7. You will receive an email from NLB on your application. If you have been successful, you will receive instructions on how to make payment of S$32.10 (including GST) for a 3-month subscription. NLB must receive the payment within 5 days of the date the email is sent, failing which NLB will cancel the application. Note that there can be no cancellation of a subscription and no refunds after payment is made.


8. Please ensure that there are no unpaid fees/charges in your membership account at any time during your subscription period. NLB will stop delivery of books until the fees/charges are paid.


9. The delivery address indicated in the application form will be used to deliver the books to you. NLB will not use this address for any other matters except for delivery under this delivery service. If you need to change this address, you must send the new address at least one month in advance to or you shall be responsible to pay for any lost books.


10. NLB has engaged a contractor to deliver the books. You agree that the contractor will need to be given your contact details for the sole purpose of delivery to you.

Take the lead in your lifelong learning and rewrite the possibilities at The LLiBrary!

Published on : 22 Jul 2021

Take the lead in your lifelong learning and rewrite the possibilities at The LLiBrary!

Whether you are dreaming of starting your own business, looking for ideas in your current job or feeling inspired to pursue a different career, you will find everything you need to kick-start your plans at The LLibrary.


Designed for working adults, The LLiBrary features self-service technologies that make it easy to locate, browse, and use the diverse collection for your professional development.


Avoid the hassle of queuing by collecting your reserved items from a designated shelf, renewing loans at library eKiosks and returning your library items at the bookdrop.


For more information, please visit


Lifelong Learning Institute

Level 3 (via Lobby B)

11 Eunos Road 8

Singapore 408601

Nearest MRT Station: Paya Lebar