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Code of Conduct

NLB has a Code of Conduct which lets customers know what type of behaviour is expected or desired of them, when they are visiting our public libraries, which is a public and shared space.

It also helps to ensure that customers have a positive experience during their visits and encourages good library etiquette and respect for staff and other customers.

Code of Conduct

There is a separate code for the Children’s areas, as there are additional expectations here. The Children’s Code of Conduct is aimed at parents and caregivers of children 12 years old and below, in line with the collections and services available in these areas. The aim is to provide a safe space for our younger patrons.

The Children’s areas will not be as quiet as the rest of the library, and reading aloud to children is encouraged, but not too loudly.

We need the cooperation of our customers to observe the following library etiquette within the library premises.

  1. Leave your pets and transportation devices (bicycles, strollers, scooters) outside the library except when required for accessibility purposes. Guide dogs and wheelchairs are welcome.
  2. Browse a few books at a time so that others can read them.
  3. After browsing, return library materials to the book bins or trolleys.
  4. Do not leave seats unattended for over 20 minutes. Unplug your devices (phones, tablets or laptops only) after charging for 30 minutes. Let others enjoy the services too.
  5. Study at the tables, not at areas designated for other purposes.
  6. Refrain from sitting on the floor. Keep passageways and entrances free from obstruction.
  7. Do not access unlawful websites on our premises.
  8. Keep your feet in your shoes and not on the furniture.
  9. Keep our tables, chairs and other furniture where they are. Do not move them around.
  10. Taking photos, videos or audio recordings of others is not allowed.
  11. Asking for donations, distributing pamphlets, conducting surveys and other commercial activities are not allowed.

Posters using comics remind library users to be considerate to others in the library and to practise good library etiquette at all times.

Share the library materials and facilities. Sleep at home, not in the library. Everyone wants a quiet place to read! Return on time and Stay fine-free! Take care of our library materials. They are for everyone. Everyone wants a quiet place to read! Libraries are for everyone.

Last Updated On 24 May 2022

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