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The NLB aims to promote the love for reading and learning through providing a comfortable and conducive environment for such pursuits. The library is a public place and to make the libraries a quiet and pleasant environment, we need the cooperation of our customers to observe the following library etiquette within the library premises.

From March 2014 onwards, NLB has introduced new posters using comics to remind library users to be considerate to others in the library and to practise good library etiquette at all times.

Share the library materials and facilities. Sleep at home, not in the library. Everyone wants a quiet place to read! Return on time and Stay fine-free! Take care of our library materials. They are for everyone. Everyone wants a quiet place to read! Libraries are for everyone.

  1. Switch off/put to silent mode your handphones and pagers.
  2. Speak softly at all times within the library premises. Do not group around tables/pull up chairs from other tables.
  3. Walk, do not run.
  4. Handle all library materials and facilities with care. Do not mess up books on the shelves or climb on furniture.
  5. Queue for services.
  6. Take only a few books from the shelves at a time and return them to the book bins/shelves after you have read them.
  7. Observe that library reading areas are only for the reading of or reference to library materials.
  8. Limit your reading of newspapers to 30 minutes per newspaper (one at a time) to give others a chance to read them.
  9. Avoid crowding round the Catalogue Stations and Multimedia Stations.
  10. Limit the use of the Catalogue Station to 10 minutes at a time to give others a chance to use them.
  11. Food and drinks purchased from the cafe in the library must be consumed at the cafe premises only.
  12. Sit at tables/chairs and designated areas. Do not sit on the floor among shelves, in the aisles and block other people.
  13. Safeguard your belongings.
  14. Do not pile books etc., on tables, or scatter them on the floor.
  15. Parents, please supervise your children to observe the library etiquette.
  16. No photographs or filming may be taken/or surveys carried out in the libraries without authorised permission.
  17. No sleeping in the library.
  18. No moving of library furniture from where it is placed by Library staff.

Last Updated On 13 March 2019

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