Location : Lee Kong Chian Reference Library Level 8
Volumes : 52,700+
Periodicals : 136+ titles
Catalogue Location Code: RART, RSING, RSEA

About the Collection:

The Arts Collection in the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library covers three distinct collections. The first is the international Visual Arts Collection on the open shelves in the general reading area on Level 8, which includes representative publications of the arts in all regions and time periods. This collection also has a slight emphasis on the arts in Asia, and lists the following fields in its coverage:

  • Art history & criticism
  • Architecture
  • Landscape architecture &urban planning
  • Sculpture & ceramics
  • Painting & printmaking
  • Photography
  • Multi-media art
  • Graphic design & visual communications
  • Fashion & textile design
  • Interior design & decoration
  • Product & industrial design

The second and third collections refer to the Singapore and Southeast Asian Arts, as well as the Singapore Literature Collections housed along the walls of the same floor. These three collections complement the Performing Arts Collection provided at the library@esplanade.

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Last Updated On 30 Apr 2020