As a new millennium arrives, the importance of turning individuals into knowledge workers in the New Economy will be the National Library Board's next challenge. Out-of-the-box thinking will become the norm for one and all.

The Future

Knowledge empowers individuals to exploit their potential for greatness. It also empowers organisations to generate wealth. The Board continues to anticipate and respond to the needs of these two very important segments. It will be developing the talents of individuals and bringing its expertise to local and international organisations. The next year will be one that focuses on:

  • promoting life-long learning

  • enhancing the effectiveness of library as an information gateway

  • developing professional skills and knowledge that is relevant in the New Economy.

  • establishing the Board as a national authority on library-related issues

  • aligning work processes

  • building appropriate infrastructures to enhance the accessibility of knowledge

As such, learning is for everyone. It's a continuous process and a life-long one. The National Library Board is dedicated to empowering you with knowledge in a knowledge-driven world.

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