The National Library Board would like to acknowledge the following individuals and organisations for their contributions and strong support which had, in various ways, made possible our progress for the financial year ending March 2008.

10,000 Fathers Reading!

  1. Abbott Nutrition
  2. Arts Attic Centre
  3. Asian Storytellers Network
  4. Bear & Co. Pte Ltd
  5. British Council
  6. Centre for Fathering
  7. Coca-Cola Singapore
  8. Elchemi Education
  9. Football Association of Singapore
  10. Garyg Comic Studio
  11. Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning
  12. Landmark Books
  13. Little Skool House International
  14. McDonald’s Singapore
  15. Media Development Authority
  16. National Family Council
  17. Nickelodeon
  18. National Parks Board
  19. NTUC Childcare
  20. NTUC FairPrice
  21. NUDA
  22. OCBC Bank
  23. Public Utilities Board
  24. Radio 91.3FM
  25. Red Cross Society Singapore
  26. Republic Polytechnic
  27. Scholastic
  28. Singapore Book of Records
  29. Singapore Food Manufacturers Association
  30. Singapore Polytechnic
  31. Singapore Prison Service
  32. South East Community
  33. Development Council
  34. Story Island
  35. The Society for Reading and Literacy

10,000 Fathers Reading! Role Models

  1. Mr Azhagiyapandiyan s/o Duraisamy
  2. Mr Aznan Ghazali
  3. Mr Isaak Kwok
  4. Mr Joe Augustine
  5. Mr Satish Khattar

Advisory Panel for Seniors

  1. Mr Phua Kok Tee, Chairman
  2. Mr David Tan, Member
  3. Mr Dennis Khoo (deceased), Member
  4. Mr Dexter Tai, Member
  5. Mrs Mary Ng, Member
  6. Mr Teo Cheak Han, Member
  7. Mrs Teresa Chew-Sim, Member
  8. Ms Verlencia Tan, Member
  9. Ms Wang Jing, Member

Advisory Panel for ‘Ten Years That Shaped a Nation’ Project

  1. Mr Andrew Tan
  2. Prof Edwin Thumboo
  3. Mr Kwa Chong Guan
  4. Mr Lee Khoon Choy
  5. Mr Ngiam Tong Dow
  6. Mr Othman Wok
  7. Prof Wang Gungwu
  8. Mr Yatiman Yusof
  9. Mdm Yeong Yoon Ying

Asian Children’s Festival 2007

  1. AsiaPac Books
  2. Ministry of Education
  3. National Arts Council
  4. National Heritage Board
  5. Periplus Publishing Group
  6. Scholastic
  7. Singapore Sports Council
  8. SMRT Corporation Pte Ltd
  9. The Society for Reading and Literacy

KaalaChakra ‘Wheel of Time’ - Early Indian Influences in Southeast Asia Conference and Exhibition

  1. Associate Professor John N Miksic, Southeast Asian Studies Programme, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, National University of Singapore (NUS)
  2. Prof Pierre-Yves Manguin, Visiting Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute, NUS
  3. Prof Anthony Reid, Former Director, Asia Research Institute, NUS
  4. Dr Geoff Wade, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute, NUS
  5. Prof Tansen Sen, Department of History, Weissman School of Arts & Sciences, Baruch College, New York
  6. Dr S P Thinnappan, Lecturer, South Asian Studies Programme, NUS
  7. Capt Boonyarit Chaisuwan, 5th Regional Office of Fine Arts Department, Phuket, Thailand
  8. Dr G Shantakumar
  9. Dr and Mrs James Khoo
  10. Mr K Kesavapany, Director,
  11. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
  12. Dr K Rajan, French Institute of Pondicherry
  13. Mr Pornchai Watthanawikkij, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
  14. Ms Tassanee Bhikul, former Director, Nakhon
    Si Thammarat National Museum, Thailand
  15. Dr Y Subbarayalu, French Institute of Pondicherry
  16. Dato' Professor Emeritus Zuraina Majid, Commissioner of Heritage
  17. Asian Research Institute
  18. Department of Museums Malaysia
  19. Institute of South Asian Studies
  20. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
  21. Khlong Thom Temple Museum, Krabi, Thailand
  22. Museum Nasional Indonesia
  23. National Library of Indonesia
  24. National University of Singapore Museum, Center for the Arts
  25. Provincial Museum of Banda Aceh
  26. Suthi Rattana Foundation, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
  27. Wat Phra Mahathat Temple Museum, Nakhon Si Thammrat, Thailand


  1. American Embassy
  2. Council for Third Age
  3. Lyra Asia Pte Ltd
  4. Malaysian Dairy Industries Pte Ltd
  5. Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
  6. National Museum of Singapore
  7. Singapore Pools Pte Ltd
  8. SMRT Corporation Pte Ltd
  9. Tote Board

Letters From Grandma & Grandpa

  1. Berita Harian
  2. Council for Third Age
  3. Lianhe Zaobao
  4. MediaCorp Radio 938LIVE
  5. Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
  6. National Heritage Board
  7. Panpac Education Pte Ltd
  8. Tamil Murasu
  9. Yayasan Mendaki

Letters From Grandma & Grandpa Selection Panel for English Publication

  1. Mrs Susan Chan, Chairman
  2. Mr Phua Kok Tee, Co-chairman
  3. Ms Azlinah Arif, Member
  4. Dr Chitra Varaprasad, Member
  5. Mr Huzir Sulaiman, Member
  6. Mr Koh Thong Ho, Member
  7. Ms Mavis Siregar, Member
  8. Mr Muhammad Hafiz Faiz Bin Hassan, Member
  9. Ms Natalie Morris, Member
  10. Ms Nur Asiha Kamsar, Member
  11. Mr Shawn Low, Member
  12. Ms Tay Choo Yian, Member
  13. Mr Terence Chia, Member

Letters From Grandma & Grandpa Selection Panel for Chinese Publication

  1. Mr Chan Soo Sen, Chairman
  2. Mr Carl Lim Hong Jeok, Member
  3. Mr Chia Joo Ming, Member
  4. Ms Liang Wern Ling, Member
  5. Mdm Moh Lee Fair, Member
  6. Ms Ong Huifang, Member
  7. Mr Perng Peck Seng, Member
  8. Ms You Jin, Member

Letters From Grandma & Grandpa Selection Panel for Malay Publication

  1. Mr Yatiman Yusof, Chairman
  2. Mr Abdul Halim Aliman, Member
  3. Ms Azlinah Arif, Member
  4. Ms Dewani Abbas, Member
  5. Mrs Fatimah Sulaiman, Member
  6. Mr Mohamed Noh Bin Daipi, Member
  7. Mr Sulhan Rawi, Member

Letters From Grandma & Grandpa Selection Panel for Tamil Publication

  1. Dr Thinnappan Subramanian, Chairman
  2. Mr Azhagiyapandiyan s/o Duraisamy, Member
  3. Ms Kanagalatha Krisnasamy, Member
  4. Ms M. Nirmala, Member
  5. Mr Mohammad Iqbal, Member
  6. Mr Venugobal s/o M Thangaraju, Member

National Essay Competition for ‘Singapore: The First Ten Years of Independence’ Judges

  1. Associate Prof Kirpal Singh, English Literature and Creative Thinking of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University
  2. Ms Meira Chand, author and judge for the 2002 Commonwealth Writers Prize
  3. Mr R Ramachandran, Executive Director, National Book Development Council of Singapore
  4. Mr Samuel Dhoraisingham, Retired Asst Director of Education, Singapore and former President of History Association of Singapore

National Essay Competition for ‘Singapore: The First Ten Years of Independence’ Prize Sponsors

  1. Creative Technology Ltd
  2. Marshall Cavendish Education
  3. Singapore Technologies
  4. Electronics Limited
  5. Times The Bookshop Pte Ltd

National Library Board Case Study:
‘Re-inventing Library Services: Continuity with Change’

  1. Mr Bouchaib Silm, Researcher,
    National Library Singapore
  2. Professor Chai Kah Hin,
    National University of Singapore
  3. Professor Christopher Lovelock,
    Yale University
  4. Professor Jochen Wirtz,
    National University of Singapore
  5. Professor Robert Johnston,
    Warwick Business School

National Library Garden Walks

  1. Ms Angie Ng
  2. Ms Annie Giri
  3. Mrs Goh-Leo Juat Beh
  4. Mr Lee Hee Boy
  5. Mr Ng Seng Meng
  6. Ms Tan So Wah
  7. Mr Yap Swee Cheng

National Library of New Zealand (NLNZ) Peer Review Session of National Library Singapore – Senior management team from NLNZ

  1. Ms Penny Carnaby, Chief Executive & National Librarian
  2. Ms Geraldine Howell, Director School Services
  3. Mr Graham Coe, Director Digital Innovation Services
  4. Ms Sue Sutherland, Director Policy and Information Democracy
  5. Ms Patty Smyth, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive & National Librarian

‘Our Literary Pioneer: Fang Xiu’ Book Launch/Exhibition/Talk/DVD (新加坡文艺先驱的光辉:方修)

  1. Mr Fang Xiu (方修)
  2. Mr Tan Suan Poh (陈川波)
  3. Mr Zhen Gong (甄供)
  4. Tropical Literature & Art Club

Professional Mentoring Programme

  1. Mr Danny Yeo, Lecturer, Chinese Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  2. Ms Gan Linda Anne Gwyneth, Assoc Prof, Early Childhood and Special Needs Education, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National Institute of Education (NIE)
  3. Dr Kirpal Singh, Assoc Prof, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Singapore Management University
  4. Ms Meira Chand, Author, Singapore
  5. Ms Normala Manap, Vice President Development, Tsao Foundation
  6. Mr Patrick Jones, Author-cum-Trainer, United States of America
  7. Ms Wang Jing, Senior Trainer for Hua Mei Training Academy, Tsao Foundation
  8. Dr Ruth Wong Yeang Lam, Assoc Prof, Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, NTU, NIE Mrs Soo Kim Bee, MOE Gifted Education Officer, Ministry of Education

Guest Speaker Series

  1. Mrs Aurelie Bosc, Chief Librarian, Orleans Public Library, France
  2. Mr Danny Chin, Asia Area Manager, Genealogical Society of Utah & President of Hong Kong Archives Society
  3. Mr David Gurteen, Founder of Gurteen Knowledge Community & Publisher of Gurteen Knowledge Website
  4. Ms Fe Susan Go, Southeast Asia Bibliographer, University of Michigan
  5. Mr Gordon Mohr, Chief Technologist of Internet Archive Web Group
  6. Ms Leneve Jamieson, Manager for Access and Information Services, State Library of Victoria, Australia
  7. Ms Li Wenjie, Chief Assistant of Rare Book Section, National Library of China (NLC)
  8. Mr Raymond Lum, Asian Bibliographer, Widener Library, Harvard University
  9. Ms Wang Yang, Chief of Chinese Bibliographical Records Section, NLC

READ! Singapore 2007

  1. Bonafides
  2. Food Empire Holdings Limited
  3. Grand Mercure Roxy, Singapore
  4. JJ Drinks Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  5. Koufu Pte Ltd
  6. Media Development Authority
  7. MediaCorp Radio 938 LIVE
  8. MediaCorp Radio 95.8FM
  9. MediaCorp Radio Oli 96.8FM
  10. MediaCorp Radio Ria 89.7FM
  11. MediaCorp Radio Warna 94.2FM
  12. MediaCorp TV12 Vasantham Central
  13. Ministry of Education
  14. Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts
  15. National Arts Council
  16. Oxygen Studio Designs
  17. People's Association
  18. True Yoga

READ! Singapore 2007 Steering Committee

  1. Professor Tommy Koh, Patron
  2. Ms Meira Chand, Chair, English Book Selection Sub-Committee
  3. Dr Koh Hock Kiat, Chair, Chinese Book Selection Sub-Committee
  4. Mr Mohd Pitchay Ghani Bin M A Aziz, Chair, Malay Book Selection Sub-Committee
  5. Mr R Rajaram, Chair, Tamil Book Selection Sub-Committee
  6. Ms Cheong Suk Wai, Member
  7. Mrs Choo Hong Kiang, Member
  8. Mrs Gretchen Liu, Member
  9. Assoc Prof Dr Kirpal Singh, Member
  10. Mr Lee Hong Chuang, Member
  11. Ms Lim Lai Cheng, Member
  12. Ms Lim Li Kok, Member
  13. Ms Nalini Naidu, Member
  14. Ms Rose Tan, Member
  15. Ms Sharifah Sakinah Ali Alkaff, Member
  16. Ms Serene Wee, Member
  17. Mr S P Panneerselvam, Member

Speak Good English Movement

  1. Acropolis English Centre
  2. Asian Storytelling Network
  3. Comfort Delgro Pte Ltd
  5. Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning
  6. MediaCorp Radio – 938LIVE
  7. MediaCorp Radio – 987FM
  8. Ministry of Education
  9. Music for Good
  10. National Book Development Council of Singapore
  11. National Institute of Education
  12. PanPac Education Pte Ltd
  13. Reading Plus
  14. Schools Digital Media Awards
  15. Singapore Retailers Association
  16. Sky Cambridge Integrated School
  17. SMRT Corporation Pte Ltd
  18. The Society for Reading and Literacy
  19. STOMP!
  20. The British Council
  21. The Straits Times
  22. The Substation
  23. Timbre Music, Bistro & Bar
  24. Wake Me Up Music
  25. Workforce Development Agency
  27. YMCA
  28. Youth Empire

Speak Good English Movement Committee

  1. Prof Koh Tai Ann, Chairman
  2. Ms Gerardine Tan, Member
  3. Ms Jessie Tan, Member
  4. Ms Judith D'Silva, Member
  5. Mr Koh Tat Suan, Member
  6. Ms Lau Chuen Wei, Member
  7. Mrs Lim Lai Cheng, Member
  8. Assoc Prof Low Ee Ling, Member
  9. Ms Tuminah Sapawi, Member
  10. Ms Jennifer Yin, Head Secretariat

Speak Good English Movement Resource Panel

  1. Mr Chang Long Jong
  2. Dr Daniel Goh
  3. Mr Felix Soh
  4. Ms Shih Hui Min
  5. Ms Susie Lim
  6. Ms Tan Hsueh Yun
  7. Mr Yeow Kai Chai

Speak Good English Movement Writers for ‘English As It Is Broken’

  1. Mr Aloysius Yap
  2. Ms Qiu Liying
  3. Ms Stephanie Pee
  4. Ms Sylvy Soh

Speak Mandarin Campaign

  1. 77th Street (S) Pte Ltd
  2. Bosses Restaurant
  3. Comfort Delgro Pte Ltd
  4. Confucius Institute, Nanyang Technological University
  5. Days Inn America, China
  6. Eduplus Language Centre Pte Ltd
  7. Football Association of Singapore
  8. Funkie Monkies Production Pte Ltd
  9. Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd
  10. Jetstar Asia
  11. MediaCorp Radio 938LIVE
  12. MediaCorp Radio Capital 958
  13. my paper
  14. Night & Day-Bar+Gallery+Friends
  16. Page One Bookstore
  17. Practice Performing Arts School
  18. Singapore Chinese Publishers Association
  19. Singapore Management University
  20. Singapore Sports Council
  21. SMRT Corporation Pte Ltd
  22. StarHub Limited
  23. STOMP!
  24. Tea Chapter
  25. The Cage
  26. The Straits Times
  27. The Theatre Practice
  28. World Scientific Publishing Pte Ltd
  30. Young NTUC

Speak Mandarin Campaign, Promote Mandarin Council

  1. Mr Kenneth Tan, Chairman
  2. Professor Wee Chow Hou, Honorary Advisor
  3. Mr Choo Thiam Siew, Member
  4. Ms Chua Lee Hoong, Member
  5. Mr Lee Peng Shu, Member
  6. Professor Leo Suryadinata, Member
  7. Mr Neo Choon Hong, Member
  8. Mr Perng Peck Seng, Member
  9. Mr Roger Low Tiate Eng, Member
  10. Mr Seow Choke Meng, Member
  11. Mr Yue Lip Sin, Member
  12. Ms Jennifer Yin, Head Secretariat

Speak Mandarin Campaign Activists

  1. Chou Pi Jiang
  2. Mr Eric Ng
  3. Mr Felix Soh
  4. Mr Harry Tan
  5. Dr Hong Hai
  6. Ms Jazreel Tan Shi Hua
  7. Ms Kelley Cheng
  8. Ms Kuo Jian Hong
  9. Ms Lim Sau Hong
  10. Mr Marc Lim
  11. Mr Michael Wong Soon Yuh
  12. Ngak
  13. Mr Raphael Saw
  14. Ms Rita Goh
  15. Ms Rose Tan
  16. Mr Roy Tay Junhao
  17. Mr Shi Jia Yi
  18. Ms Vanessa Yong Yu Zhen
  19. Ms Xiao Han

‘Xing Ying’ Exhibition/Talk

  1. Mr Yeo Oi Sang (杨善才)
  2. Mr Soon Dit Woo (孙泽宇)
  3. Mr Tan Kok Ann (陈国安 )
  4. Cactus Publishing House


  1. Dr Seetha Lakshmi
  2. Mr Tan Swie Hian
  3. Mr Yeo Oi Sang (杨善才)
  4. Mr Ho Phang Phow (何炳彪)
  5. American Embassy
  6. Art Outreach Singapore Limited
  7. Asian Film Archive
  8. Asian Research Institute
  9. Cactus Publishing House
  10. Changi Airport International Ltd
  11. Chinese Heritage Centre
  12. Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians
  13. Council for 3rd Age
  14. Creative Communities Singapore
  15. Design Singapore Council
  16. Discovery Channel
  17. Embassy of France in the Republic of Singapore
  18. European Commission to Singapore
  19. European Union
  20. Goethe-Institut Singapore
  21. Green Culture Singapore
  22. Health Promotion Board
  23. Imperial College Alumni Association of Singapore
  24. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
  25. International Women's Federation of Commerce & Industry, Singapore
  26. LPN Art School
  27. Malaysia Singapore Vintage Cars Register
  28. Marina Bay Sands
  29. National Archives of Singapore
  30. National Arts Council
  31. National Heritage Board
  32. National Institute of Education (Asian Languages and Cultures Group;
    Tamil Language and Culture Division)
  33. National Library of China
  34. National Library of Indonesia
  35. National Parks Board
  36. NUS Entrepreneur Society
  37. Preservation of Monuments Board
  38. Public Utilities Board Rajaratnam School of International Studies
  39. Regional Standing Committee Members for IFLA Asia and Oceania Section
  40. Royal Thai Embassy
  41. Shanghai Library
  42. Singapore Exchange Ltd
  43. Singapore Federation of Chinese Clans Associations
  44. Singapore Film Commission
  45. Singapore Hainan Hwee Kuan Reading Club
  46. Singapore Heritage Society
  47. Singapore Institute of Biology
  48. Singapore Philatelic Museum
  49. Singapore Society of Asian Studies
  50. Singapore Sports Council
  51. Singapore Tourism Board
  52. The Institution of Engineers, Singapore
  53. The Peranakan Association
  54. The Singapore Action Group of Elders
  55. TSAO Foundation
  56. Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre
  57. Xiamen Municipal Library


  1. Encik Abdul Ghani Hamid
  2. Mr Chwa She Kea (蔡世居)
  3. Mr Fong Took Seng (冯笃生)
  4. Mr George Hicks
  5. Ms Geraldene Lowe
  6. Mr Herbert Teo
  7. Mr Ho Phang Phow (何炳彪)
  8. Mr Hsing Chi Chung (邢济众(致中))
  9. Mr Koh Seow Chuan
  10. Mr Kwan Swee Huat (关瑞发)
  11. Mr Lee Seng Kwee (李成贵)
  12. Mr Lee Kip Lee
  13. Mr Lin Qiong (林琼)
  14. Her Royal Highness, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand
  15. Mr Tan Suan Poh (陈川波)
  16. Mr Tian Liu (田流)
  17. Mr Tong Heng Nam (唐庆南)
  18. Mr V T Arasu
  19. Mr Wan Meng Hao (尹孟浩)
  20. Mr Yeo Oi Sang (杨善才)
  21. Family of the late Eleanor O’Hara
  22. Family of the late Kouo Shang-Wei (郭尚慰)
  23. Family of the late Lin Chen (林晨)
  24. Feeha Cheng Seah Temple (飞霞精舍)
  25. Raffles Institution
  26. St Joseph's Church
  27. Tan Ean Kiam Foundation (陈延谦基金)
  28. Thau Yong Amateur Musical Association (陶融儒乐社)

NLB Contributes to the Community

The National Library Board appreciates the many community opportunities given to us through our Corporate Volunteerism Programme. We would like to acknowledge the partnering institutions who have helped us further connect with the various communities in the past financial year.

Beneficiaries of NLB Charity Book Donation 2007

  1. Alzheimer's Disease Association
  2. Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre
  3. Angsana Home @ Pelangi Villiage
  4. Asian Women's Welfare Association
  6. As-Salaam PPIS Family
  7. Support Centre
  8. Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP Mercu Learning Centre)
  9. Bishan Home for the
  10. Intellectually Disabled
  11. Care Community Services Society
  12. Central Sikh Gurdwara Board
  13. Centre for Family Harmony
  14. Chee Hoon Kog - Moral Child Development Centre
  15. Chee Hoon Kog Child Care Centre
  16. Chinese Development
  17. Assistance Council
  18. Ci You Child Care Centre
  19. Club Rainbow (Singapore)
  20. Daybreak Family Service Centre
  21. D'Joy Children Centre
  22. Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)
  23. Dyslexia Association of Singapore
  24. Hearty Care Centre
  25. Hougang Sheng Hong Family
  26. Service Centre
  27. iConnect Student Care (MWS)
  28. Jamiyah Education Centre (Muslim Missionary Society Singapore)
  29. kidsREAD Reading Clubs
  30. Kinder Corner 2
  31. Life Community Services Society
  32. Life Student Care (Life Community Services Society)
  33. MacPherson Moral Family
  34. Service Centre
  35. Madrasah Aljunied Al_Islamiah
  36. Madrasah Wak-Tanjong Al-Islamiah
  37. Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM)
  38. Marine Parade Family
  39. Service Centre
  40. Methodist Children & Youth Centre
  41. Metropolitan Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) Singapore
  42. Metta PreSchool
  43. Metta Student Care Centre – North East Community Development Council
  44. Metta Student Care Centre 2 – South East Community Development Council
  45. MINDS – Guillemard Gardens School
  46. MINDS – Jurong Gardens School
  47. MINDS – Towner Gardens School
  1. MINDS – Yio Chu Kang Gardens School
  2. MINDS – Lee Kong Chian
  3. Gardens School
  4. MINDSville@Napiri – Children's Wing
  5. Moral Family Service Centre (Bukit Panjang)
  6. Muhammadiyah Welfare Home
  7. New Hope Community Services
  8. World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP)
  9. Pathlight School
  10. Perdaus-Iyad Child Development – Choa Chu Kang
  11. Presbyterian Community Service
  12. Ramakrishna Mission
  13. Residential & Aftercare Service
  14. Singapore Armed Forces
  15. Detention Barracks
  16. Sembawang Family Service Centre
  17. Serangoon Moral Family
  18. Service Centre
  19. Singapore Indian Development Association
  20. Singapore Association for Mental Health, Youth Reach
  21. Singapore Association for the Deaf Itinerant Support Service
  22. Singapore Children's Society
  23. Singapore Civil Defence Force
  24. Society for the Physically Disabled
  25. Sonshine Childcare Centre
  26. South West Community
  27. Development Council
  28. Spastic Children's Association School
  29. Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore)
  30. Tampines Family Service Centre
  31. Tanjong Pagar Family
  32. Service Centre
  33. The Salvation Army, Ang Mo Kio Child Care Centre
  34. The Salvation Army, Bukit Batok East Child Care Centre
  35. The Salvation Army, Bukit Batok West Child Care Centre
  36. The Salvation Army, Bukit Panjang Child Care Centre
  37. The Salvation Army, Bukit Panjang Family Service Centre
  38. Thong Kheng Student Care Centre
  39. T-Net Club @ Bukit Merah
  40. TOUCH Centre for
  41. Independent Living
  42. TOUCH Community Services
  43. Trans Centre, Bedok
  44. Yayasan MENDAKI
  45. Young Women's Christian Association of Singapore
  46. Young Women's Muslim Association (PPIS)

Partners in Community Projects

  1. Mr Fahim uz Zaman
  2. Dr Ong Beang Khoon
  3. Al-Istiqamah Mosque Kindergarten
  4. Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kuan Hospital
  5. Anglo-Chinese Junior College
  6. Asian Women's Welfare Association
  7. Bedok North Family Service Centre
  8. Bukit Panjang Family Service Centre
  9. Bukit Timah Community Club
  10. Bukit View Secondary Sch
  11. Chai Chee Secondary School
  12. Chaoyang Special School
  13. Chapel of the Resurrection
  14. Chen Su Lan Methodist
  15. Children's Home
  16. Children's Aid Society
  17. DBS Bank
  18. Down Syndrome Association
  19. Gracehaven Children’s Home
  20. Handicaps Welfare Home
  21. Hwa Chong Institution
  22. Jamiyah Children's Home
  23. KDM Cilenngsi – Happy Angels
  24. Lions Club of Singapore, Serangoon Gardens
  25. MacPherson Moral Family Service Centre
  26. Merlion International School
  27. Moral Home for Disabled Adults
  28. Nanyang Junior College
  29. Nanyang Polytechnic
  30. National Institute of Education
  31. Nee Soon South Community Club
  32. New Creation Church
  33. Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  34. NuQuest
  35. Radin Mas PAP Community Foundation
  36. Raffles Junior College
  37. Singapore Chinese Girls School
  38. Singapore Computer Society
  39. Singapore Management University
  40. Sky Holding Pte Ltd
  41. Sonshine Centre
  42. St Andrew's Community Hospital
  43. Students Care Service (Yishun Centre)
  44. Tampines Changkat Zone 3
  45. Residents' Committee
  46. Tampines Town Council
  47. Tanjong Pagar Family Service Centre
  48. Thye Hua Kuan Moral Society
  49. Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Singapore
  50. ZenPrenuers Singapore & IBISCO Creative Inspirational Learning