A Librarian’s World: Hunting for Treasures Across the Globe

Published on : 8 Jun 2021

A Librarian’s World: Hunting for Treasures Across the Globe

Historical artefacts such as maps, manuscripts, and other documents often inspire wonderment. But as they are often rare, they are treasured and protected and we may not always have the opportunity to study them carefully. By digitising these artefacts, we have found a way to pore over them to our hearts’ content, even if they are physically located in a different part of the world.


Join manager Luke Chua as he explores the many facets of studying these materials on a digital platform. He will also share more about the National Library’s Singapore Digital Resource project that sources for, digitises, and makes accessible unique materials on Singapore.


Thu, 22 Jul 2021

6 pm – 7 pm

Zoom Webinar

Register now via https://go.gov.sg/22jul-nlbwebsite


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