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NLB Act on Legal Deposit

Legal Deposit is supported by the National Library Board Act (Chapter 197, No. 5 of 1995, Part II Section 10). An excerpt of the legislation from the Singapore Statutes Online is appended below.

Deposit of library materials

10. (1) Except as otherwise provided by regulations, the publisher of every library material (other than online material) published in Singapore must, at the publisher’s own expense —

     (a) subject to paragraph (b), deposit 2 copies of that library material with the Board at a place determined by the Board within 4 weeks after the date of first publication; and

     (b) where the library material is in electronic form, deposit a copy of that library material with the Board in the form and manner determined by the Board, free of any technological or other restriction on access, within 4 weeks after the date of first publication.

(2) The Board may by regulations made under section 35 prescribe —

     (a) the library materials which are not required to be deposited with the Board; and

     (b) the quality and the format of the copies of library materials required to be deposited, and the manner in which they must be deposited.

(3) Every publisher of any library material who contravenes this section shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000.