Research Assistant Programme

The National Library Board (NLB) plays. a leading role in providing Singapore with an accessible network of inspirational and creative learning spaces that promote reading, knowledge-sharing and information literacy. This is done through our network of 26 Public Libraries, the National Library and National Archives of Singapore. Together with our employees, partners and volunteers, we make knowledge come alive, spark imagination and create possibilities. 

Research is vital in helping NLB to gather data, information and insights that enable us to embark on new areas or fine-tune our plans to achieve our mission. We want to steer Singaporeans toward a culture of reading and life-long learning; and extend our library and archives’ patronage, so as to achieve NLB’s vision of developing ‘Readers for Life, Learning Communities, Knowledgeable Nation’. The Research Assistant Programme is thus established to strengthen and complement NLB’s existing research efforts. The programme aims to facilitate research in areas related to the development of future-ready libraries and archives, experiences and services. Research areas may also include specialised topics to enrich NLB’s collection and resources. Topics cover a range of disciplines and some examples include Singapore’s cultural and literacy heritage, archives and oral histories.

As a Research Assistant, you can look forward to use our resources and services in the course of your research; and participate in discussions with like-minded team mates and external professionals (where applicable) to further your knowledge in the research topic. Depending on the focus and deliverables of the research project, you may be required to:

  • Conduct research on content/collection development relating to the topic
  • Design, collect and analyse data via various sources to support the research study
  • Conduct research, monitoring and analysis of new and emerging trends relating to the topic


Who Can Apply?

NLB’s Research Assistant Programme is open to individuals with the relevant research skills and experience, and a passion to further one’s knowledge in a specific area of research. Application to the programme is not limited to researchers with specialised fields of study. We welcome individuals with a strong interest in the research subject/topic; and a curious mind to share and create new knowledge with NLB.

How to Apply?

Depending on the project scope and deliverables, the Research Assistant may be engaged for a period of two to six months. To submit an application, please visit Careers@Gov.


Depending on experience, the Research Assistant will be paid a gross monthly allowance ranging from $1,000 to $1,600.


Last Updated On 30 Sep 2019