Hear from Our Scholars

Lynnette Kang

Lynnette graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in English Literature. She holds a Masters of Arts in Information and Library Management from Loughborough University. Lynnette currently is on secondment to Ministry of Communications and Information.

After a number of holiday jobs in bookstores and spending a summer poring over Shakespearean manuscripts in a beautiful rare book library, perhaps it is not so surprising that I have found my way to a career at the library.

I stumbled into librarianship at the National Library Board two years ago after deciding that it would be the ideal career to fuel my ongoing love affair with the printed page. I have since discovered many more reasons to love the job, and am constantly surprised by the diverse opportunities open to me. After starting out as a librarian in a branch library, I am now part of a team tasked with re-imagining public libraries of the future, through the development of new services and service models.

My other pet mission is helping the digital generation rediscover the whimsical, playful side of books, reading and libraries – a job made all the more interesting when armed with an arsenal of social media tools.

As public spaces where knowledge and learning can be freely accessed by all, libraries are inspiring, reassuring and an essential step towards social equality. The opportunity to positively impact the lives of people around me makes a career in the library a truly inspiring and meaningful one.

Dawn Seow

Dawn is currently in the Experience Design team in the Library Planning and Development division. Having graduated with Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons), Double Major in Psychology and Social Work from the National University of Singapore, she started her career in NLB as an Associate Librarian at the Central Public Library where she was involved in planning and implementing programmes for children and teens. 

Growing up visiting libraries, I felt they were amazing and uniquely inclusive spaces. I am very proud of how libraries remain accessible to all and play an important role of being a shared community resource, providing informational resources to individuals regardless of their backgrounds. It was also very aligned with my interests as NLB sits at the intersection of education and community development. 

In 2019, I participated in the Service Delivery Talent Attachment Programme and spent 6 months attached to PebbleRoad, a strategy, design and innovation practice. This enabled me to gain exposure to a different working culture and mindset which helped to shape the way I currently envision service.  

I find that my sense of purpose and belief in the importance of my work in NLB keeps me motivated even as works gets more challenging and evolves in response to the changing needs of society and users. 

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Last Updated On 24 May 2022