Employee Benefits

Development and growth: At the NLB, we nurture our staff to help them realise their potential, by helping them grow in ability, knowledge, skills, confidence and inter-personal skills. You will also be strongly encouraged to join our Corporate Volunteerism Programmes to make a difference for the community.

Remuneration: As an NLB staff, you will be paid competitive rates in line with the Public Sector. In addition, you will be covered under the Medisave-cum-Subsidised Outpatient (MSO) Medical Scheme. Our benefits package takes care of you and your family members' basic healthcare needs.

As a staff, you will also enjoy a comprehensive and competitive benefits package, including flexible benefits and a comprehensive leave scheme.

Work-Life Harmony: As a strong advocate of work-life harmony, the NLB provides flexi-work arrangements such as staggered working hours and hybrid working arrangements.



Last Updated On 16 Jun 2022