Asian Festival of Children's Content 2015

Celebrating China through Stories - An Annotated Bibliography


This bibliography presents a selection of stories that are related to the country of focus for the 2015 Asian Festival of Children’s Content — China. Authors from around the world write about the diverse experiences of children in China, as well as customs and traditions that stretch over 5,000 years of history. Together, these 60 stories in English and Chinese reflect different facets of the Chinese culture, hinting at the larger story of China.

“Growing Up” focuses on childhood adventures. In Liang’s Treasure, Chai learns to appreciate the simple village life when she leaves Beijing for the rural countryside. The bilingual book, Dou Dou: The Little Imperial Chef tells the story of how Little Dou Dou’s father sends her off to a culinary school in hopes that she will cook for the Emperor one day.

“Heavenly Tales” catapults readers into the skies with stories of legendary gods and otherworldly creatures. Familiar characters from Chinese folklore such as Sun Wukong, Pangu, Jingwei, and Qu Yuan are featured.

In the folktales of “Voices in Time”, we return to the mortal world and meet earthly creatures. The rat tricks the cat to win the Chinese Zodiac Race in What the Rat Told Me: A Legend of the Chinese Zodiac, while Tuan discovers the amazing powers of an ordinary snail in The Dinner That Cooked Itself.

In “Cross-Generational Teachings”, the stories explore Chinese festivals and traditions such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the lion dance, and the traditional art of calligraphy.

“Looking Back in Time” rounds off the selection by drawing readers back to ancient China. Dragons still live on Earth in Dragonkeeper, while the adventures of the famous navigator and admiral Zheng He come to life in The Great Voyages of Zheng He.

As you delve into Celebrating China through Stories, journey through vivid worlds, meet colourful characters, and celebrate China!

Last Updated On 13 Oct 2021