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National Library Board Act

"The Bill to amend the NLB Act to include digital publications under Legal Deposit and archiving of Singapore websites was passed in Parliament on 9 July 2018. The link to the updated version of the NLB Act incorporating all amendments will be provided as soon as it is available."

The National Library Board Act establishes and incorporates the National Library Board ("NLB") as a statutory board and transfers to it the National Library and all matters connected therewith. The NLB Act also sets out the functions and powers of the NLB. Some of these are as follows:

  1. To establish and maintain publicly funded libraries and to provide library information services;
  2. To promote reading and encourage learning through the use of its libraries and services;
  3. To acquire and maintain a comprehensive collection of library materials relating to Singapore and its people;
  4. To compile and maintain a national union catalogue and a national bibliography;
  5. To take appropriate measures to obtain, maintain and preserve library materials deposited with NLB under Section 10 (see below);
  6. To provide for the preservation of order and the prevention of nuisance in its libraries, library buildings and grounds;
  7. To fix the days and times of admission to its libraries;
  8. To prescribe the amount of fines that may be levied for the damage, loss or late return of borrowed library materials and for the waiving or refund of such fines;
  9. To raise funds by all lawful means and to receive gifts and donations, whether on trust or otherwise;
  10. To establish liaison with overseas library authorities and information providers to secure maximum collaboration of all activities relevant to its functions;
  11. To advise the Government on national needs and policies in respect of matters relating to publicly funded libraries and library information services in Singapore.

Section 10: Deposit of Library Materials
The publisher of every library material published in Singapore shall, at the publisher's own expense and within 4 weeks after the date of publication, deposit two copies (except as otherwise provided by regulations) with the NLB at such place as the NLB may determine.

To see the full version of the NLB Act, please visit Singapore Statutes Online

Last Updated On 10 January 2019

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