“Combating Fake News” talk

S.U.R.E. or Not? Combating Fake News 

Duration: 1 hour

Synopsis: By the end of this workshop, participants will learn about the:

•       Reasons for the rise of Fake News  and Online Falsehoods

•       Impact of Fake News and Online Falsehoods

•       Examples of fact-checking websites

•       Ways to evaluate websites and online information

•       What you can do to combat Fake News

Note:  This is an interactive workshop with hands-on activities, quizzes, and group discussions. Participants are encouraged to bring their own mobile devices for these activities.


We offer the following to organisations:

(i) A one-hour presentation conducted by NLB trainers or NLB-trained trainers (for example, from our partner organisations)

(ii) Short segments added to an organisation’s existing programmes, activities or events. The amount of time allocated to our courseware may vary between 10 to 45 minutes, and may be delivered by NLB, or a facilitator trained by NLB to use our modular courseware.

Interested organisations can email us at sure@nlb.gov.sg (subject: SURE Talk) for more information. We also offer Mandarin versions of these talks. 


Our Trainers:

Mervin Ang
Mervin is a versatile, engaging trainer and facilitator with over four years of training experience. He has conducted numerous talks and workshops on information literacy, fighting fake news and library resources for diverse audiences.

Damien Wang
Damien is a librarian with more than 18 years of experience in content creation and training. A member of the S.U.R.E. team since its inception in 2012, he has delivered talks and conducted workshops about fake news and hoax websites, as well as tools and techniques to deal with them.

Carmen Wang
Carmen is an associate librarian experienced in doing both large and small scale outreaches promoting reading and literacy. She has conducted talks, workshops and training for audiences ranging from children to adults.




近年来,假新闻与不实信息层出不穷,让人防不胜防。这个由新加坡国家图书馆举办的讲座将与大家分享如何应对假新闻与不实信息的贴士。分享会主要针对的对象是团体或机构。我们也很乐意与来自团体和机构的培训导师和协调人分享我们的培训教材, 以方便他们将信息与他们所在的机构或团体分享。


分享的内容 (1 小时, 以华语讲解):

  1. 假新闻的现象
  1. 假新闻的后果
  1. 如何应对假新闻


分享会是免费的,欢迎有兴趣的团体或机构以电邮方式联络国家图书馆以便了解更多详情。 (电邮: sure@nlb.gov.sg)






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