S.U.R.E. Campaign

About the S.U.R.E. campaign


The S.U.R.E. campaign is an initiative by the National Library Board to promote the importance of information searching and discernment. The nation-wide campaign was launched in 2013, and Singapore is the first country outside of the United States to promote Information Literacy (IL) on a national scale for the general public.


S.U.R.E. distills key Information Literacy (IL) concepts into 4 simple ways:

Source: Look as its origins. Is it trustworthy?

Understand: Know what you’re reading. Search for clarity.

Research: Dig deeper. Go beyond the initial source.

Evaluate: Find the balance. Exercise fair judgement.



Who we are and What we do

aboutsureheaderWe get people to start thinking about the information they receive every day and its sources through awareness marketing, training and engaging the public.


Download our S.U.R.E. poster to find out more.