SUPER S.U.R.E. SHOW – Science and Mathematics Special
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Update: If you have missed the fourth and final SUPER S.U.R.E. Show, fret not. You can now view it here!


Learn more from our fourth SUPER S.U.R.E. Show (Science and Mathematics Special) – featuring Nobel Laureate and theoretical physicist David Gross, theoretical computing giant Leslie Valiant as well as pioneering mathematician Stephen Smale.


Super S.U.R.E. Show – Science & Mathematics Special (Learning Points)



Explore the world of Science and Mathematics during our special 1-hour Q&A show with internationally acclaimed thought leaders such as Nobel Laureate and theoretical physicist David Gross, theoretical computing giant Leslie Valiant as well as pioneering mathematician Stephen Smale. This event will be moderated by Steven Chia of Channel NewsAsia.

  • David Gross, Nobel Prize in Physics (2004)
  • Leslie Valiant, Turing Award (2010)
  • Stephen Smale, Fields Medal (1966)

Ask our panel anything, from the everyday importance of science, to how they built their careers, to ways tomorrow’s scientists can establish themselves. Simply send in your comments via (Subject: Ask SURE Speakers 21Jan) and we may add it to our list of questions!

This programme is fully booked, registration is closed.


Thursday, 21 January 2016
7.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Level 16, The Pod
100 Victoria Street, National Library Building, Singapore 188064

For access to The Pod, please proceed to lift lobby opposite the information counter.

This programme is organized by S.U.R.E. (Source, Understand, research and Evaluate), an initiative by the National Library Board. This is a partner event of the Global Young Scientists Summit@one-north 2016, an international boot camp for eminent scientists and technology leaders to mentor global young scientists and inspire them to pursue their scientific dreams.


David GrossDavid Gross
Nobel Prize in Physics (2004)

David Gross was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2004 along with his fellow team researchers, for the discovery of Asymptotic Freedom. Also known as the strong force that the protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus. Gross has been a central figure in particle physics since his discovery in 2004, and has made important contributions to string theory.

He has won numerous awards, including the J.J Sakurai Prize, the MacArther Foundation Fellowship Prize, the Dirac Medal, the Harvey Prize and the Oskar Klein Medal.

Leslie ValiantLeslie Valiant
Turing Award (2010)

Alan Turing, commonly thought of as the father of computer science today, previously came up with a test to see whether or not a computer can think like a human brain. While computers have yet to advance that far, Leslie Valiant has come up with a theory that states machines can learn by drawing upon previous experiences, similar to how humans infer based on past knowledge. He developed the ‘probably approximately correct’ (PAC) model of machine learning, an algorithm that takes experiences from the past to derive a genraliastion that is effective in categorising examples correctly. For this, he won the Turing Award in 2010, the highest honour in computer science. Since then, he has used the PAC model to provide a theory of the scope and limits of biological evolution, with Darwinian evolution in nature as a form of PAC learning, as well as many other scientific achievements.

Valiant has won numerous prizes, including the Nevanlinna Prize, the Knuth Prize, and the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science Award.

stephen smaleStephen Smale
Fields Medal (1966)

Besides their relation to food, what does a donut and a coffee mug have in common? According to the Poincaré conjecture, both are the same, at least when it comes to topology and mathematics. All 3D objects are spheres according to the conjecture, for dimensions greater than four. Most people had deemed the Poincaré conjecture to be false, so when Smale first published proof of the Poincaré conjecture, it shook the mathematical world and won him the Fields Medal. Despite his achievements in mathematics, Smale was threatened with expulsion in university due to his initial poor grades.

Smale has also been awarded other honours, including the Von Neumann Award from the Sociey for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the National Medal of Science and the Wolf Prize in Mathematics.

SSL4 Steven

Moderated by Steven Chia
Channel NewsAsia’s Talking Point Editor/Presenter

Steven Chia is currently the presenter and editor for CNA’s Talking Point, a one hour talk show focused on key national issues. The show invites a wide range of guests, from politicians and CEOs, to civil activists and academics, to participate in the discussions.

A versatile chap, Steven has interviewed experts on a range of topics. Be it in science, politics, medicine, engineering… you name it and most likely he’s interviewed someone on it. His fluidity, in front of and behind the camera, has seen him front many programmes, from features about Singapore’s Terminal 3 airport, to shows about parenting and even the Singapore Budget in 2014.

His 15 years of experience in the industry, includes shows like “Crimewatch”, “Dollars and Sense” and “AM Live!”



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