S.U.R.E.’s “Real or Fake” quiz game

We recently developed a quiz game for the Google Assistant platform called “Real or Fake”. Using voice commands or text inputs, players can guess if the featured news headlines were real or fake.

Our quiz was reviewed in the 26 June 2018 edition of InformationToday Europe:

“Real or Fake – a lot of libraries now consider themselves an active player in the fight against Fake news. The National Library Board in Singapore does this with the S.U.R.E (Source, Research, Understand and Evaluate) campaign (an initiative by the National Library Board) and has a game on Google Assistant for users to try their skills to determine if a piece of news headline is Fake news or not.  It’s a simple game, you get to choose either local news or international news. Users are challenged with four news headlines and must decide if they are fake news or not. The game was more entertaining than I expected”




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