Historical Scene Investigation (H.S.I.) 2019

The Historical Scene Investigation (H.S.I.) 2019 is back! It follows a new and refreshed format and will be rolled out at two levels: (i) School and (ii) National.


Teachers are encouraged to organise H.S.I. in their schools so that as many students could participate. They can access the clue package on 14 May after 12 noon. For details on the national level, please refer to this EDM.

The Historical Scene Investigation (H.S.I.) Challenge 2019 promises an exciting experience for Lower Secondary students to put their historical inquiry and information literacy skills to the test. The competition requires students to work effectively in teams to gather information and interpret sources to solve an authentic historical mystery. The inquiry-based research process will help students gain insights into particular historical issues while deepening their problem-solving and information literacy skills.



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