Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is NLB Mobile?

    NLB Mobile is an NLB app that provides convenient access to library information and transactions, including the loan of library materials and eBooks that you can read on the go.

  2. What are the new features that are available in the app?

    Besides being able to search and borrow eBooks from within the app, you can:

    • Read eMagazines and eNewspapers anytime, anywhere
    • Read eBooks Online
    • Bookmark your favourite books / eBooks
    • Pay any outstanding fees / fines using Paypal / Credit card
    • Recommend a title to NLB and view your recommendations
    • View up to past 3 years loan history of titles borrowed from the Public Libraries
    • Search and register for events organised by NLB
    • Share a title on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp
    • Set up multiple user profiles for quick access to library transactions
    • Borrow library items by scanning the NLB barcode
    • Check / Renew current Loans
    • Place reservations on library items
    • Receive suggestions based on loan history i.e. Books for You
    • Update your particulars (email address / mobile number)
    • Perform searches against the library catalogue
    • Track search histories
    • View the latest arrivals to the libraries
    • Locate nearby libraries based on your current location
    • Easily obtain library addresses, directions and operating hours
    • View details of events happening at each library
  3. What can I do if I have protected my app using the 4-digit passcode but have forgotten the passcode?

    Users should delete the app, then re-download it before signing in again.

  4. Why should I sign in?

    In order to enjoy the full suite of services available to members, you will need to sign in. Without signing in, you still can:

    • Performing searches against the library catalogue
    • View the latest arrivals to the libraries
    • Locate nearby libraries based on your current location
    • Obtain library addresses, directions and operating hours
    • View details of events happening at each library
    • Share a title on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp
  5. What do I need for the sign in?

    You will need a myLibrary ID. If you do not have one, you may sign up for the myLibrary ID online at or the ekiosk at any library.

  6. What if I have forgotten my myLibrary ID or password?

    Tap the link:

  7. Does scanning the barcode of the library item immediately trigger a checkout?

    No, you have to scan the barcode and tap on borrow button. The app will then ask for another confirmation before the item is actually checked out to you.

  8. How many eBooks can I borrow?

    Each member can borrow up to 8 eBooks.

  9. How do I borrow eBooks on this app?

    You search for a title on the app and the search results will bring you both physical books and eBooks that match your search term(s). With a valid myLibrary ID login, you can click "Borrow" at the eBook title details page and the checkout will be effected instantly. You may view the eBook title in the "My eBooks" section of myLibrary.

  10. How can I read the eBooks or listen to the audiobooks that I have borrowed?

    When you tap on the electronic title in "My eBooks", you will see "Read Online" option for eBooks and similarly "Listen Online" option for Audiobooks. This online reading / listening happens in this app so that you can enjoy the borrowed title immediately. Please note that reading or listening online will tap on your monthly mobile data allowance if you are not connected to WiFi.

    If you wish to read offline, you may tap on the "Download" option.

  11. How do I return the eBooks?

    The eBooks will be returned automatically after 21 days.

  12. Why do I need to set my preferred library in the profile?

    This setting is optional and allows the app to automatically display events that will be happening at your preferred library.

  13. Why do I need to install the PressReader app?

    The app is required to read the eMagazines and eNewspapers.

  14. Can I just install the PressReader app and not NLB Mobile?

    You can but you will not be able to access the content for free without being connected to the Wireless@SG network at all library branches. NLB Mobile will provide NLB members free access to the many eNewspapers and eMagazines in the PressReader app anytime and anyplace.

  15. Do I need a PressReader account?

    This is optional and is only needed to enjoy a personalized news channel, bookmark articles, set up email alerts for news topics, share articles over social networks, add comments and opinions to articles, have titles auto-delivered upon publication, and more. As an NLB library member, you have free access to the collection of eNewspapers and eMagazines that NLB has subscribed to.

  16. How do I launch PressReader from NLB Mobile?

    Simply login to NLB Mobile with your myLibrary ID and tap on "eNewspapers & eMagazines" icon. If the PressReader app has not been installed, you will be directed to the respective app store to download and install the app. After installation, return to NLB mobile and tap on the icon again to relaunch the app.

    eNewspapers & eMagazines icon
    eNewspapers & eMagazines icon.

  17. My time is up on PressReader. How do I connect to it again?

    When you connect to PressReader through the Wireless@SG network at all library branches, a small window will pop-up telling you that you are in the NLB PressReader HotSpot and the time that you have left to use PressReader.

    This access mode gives everyone 3 days (72 hours) of continuous access to PressReader following each successful login. This means that you will not be required to return to the library site during that time, and you will be able to download issues to the PressReader app without interruption. Once the 3 days are up, you will need to reconnect.

    Alternatively, you may install the NLB Mobile and sign on with you myLibrary ID and password. This access mode gives members 1 hour of free access to PressReader, anytime and from anyplace. Once the 1 hour is up, you may reconnect by launching PressReader from within NLB Mobile again.

  18. Why is PressReader asking for payment when downloading an eMagazine or eNewspaper?

    When you are authenticated through Wireless@SG at NLB branches or activate PressReader through NLB Mobile, all content in PressReader is free. The HotSpot icon (the coffee cup) is the best way to know if you are properly connected. A green icon indicates that you have an active connection.

    Hotspot Map
    A green dot or coffee cup indicates an active connection.

    If you are ever asked to pay for content, simply reconnect to PressReader using the methods described previously.

  19. Do downloaded PressReader Titles take up space on my device?

    Yes, when you download an eNewspaper or eMagazine to your PressReader app, a file will be saved to your device.

    To recover the space that the newspapers and magazines take up on your device, you can delete the downloaded files after you've finished reading them.

  20. How do I access eLearning courses from NLB Mobile?

    Simply login to NLB Mobile with your myLibrary ID and tap on "eLearning" icon. You will be directed to LyndaLibrary with your profile, without additional login.

    eLearning icon
    eLearning icon.

  21. Do I need a account?

    This is optional if you access the online courses from NLB Mobile. As an NLB library member, you have free access to the online courses from LyndaLibrary that NLB has subscribed to.

  22. Do I need to install the Lynda mobile app?

    The Lynda mobile app is not required to access the online courses.

Last Updated On 3rd July 2018