S. R. Ranganathan

S.R. Ranganathan is considered the father of Library Science.  His Five Laws of Library Science (1931):

1. Books are for use.
2. Every book its reader
3. Every reader his book.
4. Save the time for the reader.
5. A library is a growing organism.
is the foundation philosophy of many libraries worldwide.

In his ‘Classified Catalogue Code’ (1989), he said the catalogue should be so designed to [1]:

– Disclose to every reader his or her document;
– Secure for every document its reader;
– Save the time of the reader; and for this purpose
– Save the time of the staff

Do you think it is still relevant to libraries in the digital network age?  Welsh and Batley [1] said, “a well prepared catalogue record may be a beautiful thing to the trained eye, but the true measure of its worth must be in its value to those searching it in finding information. ”


[1] Welsh, A. and Batley S. (2012) Practical cataloguing: AACR, RDA and MARC21 Chapter 1. (p.2)