Outsourcing Library Functions

Today’s article is posted by Justin Tan, Librarian of NYP.

“The idea of outsourcing Library functions is not new to all of us. It is not uncommon with our overseas counterparts and lately these past years, this has been gaining pace as well in our local context. Increasingly, more of our local Libraries are outsourcing certain functions to Library vendors such as in the area of circulation and cataloguing. Especially for the latter, this is a concern to all of us professionally-trained cataloguers. Recently, I came across this article which I find quite interesting http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/01/20/1056635/–The-Great-Librarian-Massacre-of-2012-a-cataloging-librarian-s-view (last accessed 18 Mar 2013). This outsourcing of cataloguing function can be a double-edged sword — Pros or cons, bane or boon, it would be interesting to hear our views on this.”