New course on Semantic Web

For those who want to learn about Semantic Web and Linked Data.  There is a new course “Knowledge Engineering with Semantic Web Technologies” organised by openHPI starting on May, 26 2014

Below is the official announcement:

We are happy to announce that openHPI’s new course, “Knowledge Engineering with Semantic Web Technologies”, will start on May 26th. As with our previous course “Semantic Web Technologies” we are offering this course in English, and we are addressing an advanced but popular topic of Information Technology. Because the new course is almost self contained, there will be a significant overlap with the syllabus of “Semantic Web Technologies”. Nevertheless, in this course we try to put an emphasis on the application of Semantic Web Technologies in the Knowledge Engineering domain.

You can enroll to the course at The course will be taught by Dr. Harald Sack, head of the semantic technologies research group here at HPI, and will explain the fundamentals of Knowledge Engineering based on Semantic Web technologies. You will learn how to represent knowledge explicitly as well as how to access and benefit from semantically annotated data on the Web. We are looking forward to seeing you in the class.

Best regards,
the openHPI Team