Index Terms for our Haze Attack 2013 collection

In response to the previous post, here are the index terms proposed for our imaginative collection.

fire; haze; 2013
June 2013
Singapore; Malaysia; PSI;
Public Health; Human-made disaster; International cooperation
Air quality; Air pollution; smoke; haze;  smoke haze; burning; farming; land use; monsoon session
Air cleaners; health; health advice; medicine; outdoor activities; loss; fire-fighting; water; cloud seeding;  rain; dry; schools; children; air-condition; food; agriculture; tourism; tourists; complaints; compensation;
NEA; Air quality; forest; forest fire; risks; health risks; face masks; Pollution Standards Index; N95 masks; pollutants; measurements; herbal tea; herbs; health impacts; pharmacies; elderly; pregnant; children; slash-and;burn; measurements; Air purifiers; Global Warming; Sumartra; Smog; Weather; Respiratory; Rain; Dry session.

There should be different aspects of information about Haze.  Use your imagination.  Once you find the angle, you should be able to think out more different sets of index term.

Please continue to submit your terms in this form:

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