E-Resource Batch Cataloguing

E-Resources always comes with cataloguing records in files.  Managing the batch cataloguing projects becomes part of the regular jobs in cataloguing departments.  Therefore, it requires a systematic approach for the tasks.  Kent State University States has developed a checklist to handle batch cataloguing jobs of eBook.  The checklist has proven to be an effective management tool and helped make library e-resources more discoverable.

The checklist is downloadable at here: http://www.library.kent.edu/page/16588

An article written by Roman S. Panchyshyn with the title: “Asking the Right Questions: An E-Resource Checklist for Documenting Cataloguing Decisions for Batch Cataloguing Projects” was published in the Jan-March 2013 issue of “Technical Services Quarterly”.  The article has more details about checklist and the experiences that the university library has gone through.