Seeking Opportunities, Pushing Boundaries


This resource guide was produced in accompaniment with the programme Four Conversations: Seeking Opportunities, Pushing Boundaries. The speaker for the topic is Lai Chang Wen, chief executive officer of Ninja Van.

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This resource guide was prepared in August 2018 by Goh Lee Kim, an Associate Librarian at the National Library, Singapore.


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With the rapid emergence of technology in the world, what is the future of business and work? The Interconnected Individual explores how entrepreneurs, businessmen and employees can seize opportunities and succeed in the digital era.

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Capturing the Innovation Opportunity Space explores the emerging business opportunities and business models brought about by the new landscape of innovation, which sees users and communities empowered to bring about change. It also includes a useful set of tools to help those who wish to capture their own innovation opportunity space.

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Written by Mervin Teo