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What makes a successful leader? Is it having a great vision and bold ideas? The ability to direct a team and get things done? Is leadership and management the same thing? Find out the answers and kickstart your journey to mastering the art of leadership with these resources.



Leaders Eat Last
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Why do some teams stay united against all challenges while others fall apart? The answer: trust.


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Drawing on case studies and scientific research, Simon Sinek shows us how the best organisations build an environment where their people feel safe and confident to share ideas and collaborate with their peers.


There is a pattern that exists in the organisations that achieve the greatest success, the ones that outmanoeuvre and outinnovate their competitors, the ones that command the greatest respect from inside and outside their organisations, the ones with the highest loyalty and lowest churn and the ability to weather nearly every storm or challenge. These exceptional organisations all have cultures in which the leaders provide cover from above and the people on the ground look out for each other. This is the reason they are willing to push hard and take the kinds of risks they do. And the way any organisation can achieve this is with empathy.


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Lead Inside the Box


Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide Their Teams to Exceptional Results
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When leaders overwork themselves, their teams tend to do the same . . . Eventually, the team members get burned out in such an environment. The quality of their work declines. Their energy and morale plummet. They look for new jobs that will be less stressful. When they quit, they leave their leader shorthanded with an open role to fill. That vacancy increases the leader's stress and puts additional burden on other team members to pick up the slack. The negative performance spiral picks up speed with no sign of slowing down.

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Leadership Means Learning to Look Behind the Mask

Communication in the workplace is more than delivering good presentations or having the best communication tools. As this New York Times article shows, there is a also a need for leaders to communicate with their workers.

Qualities that Make a Great Leader

Having a great idea and assembling a team to bring that concept to life is the first step to effective leadership. While finding a new and unique idea is challenging enough, the ability to successfully execute this idea is what separates the dreamers from real leaders. Read this Forbes article for a list of qualities that make a great leader from the perspectives of 10 successful leaders.