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Innovation in the workplace refers to the exploitation of new ideas so as to  create a profitable outcome. In today’s marketplace where competition is at an all-time high, innovation is seen as a key ingredient for companies to keep up or to tap into unexplored opportunities. Unfortunately, many leaders do not innovate because they do not think it is their job to do so. Successful organisations do not depend on a small group of people to innovate. Rather, they create a culture in which every employee is encouraged and empowered to innovate. Ready to adopt this approach? Here are some resources to help you understand this important skill.



The Myths of Creativity: The Truth about How Innovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas
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The ancient Greeks believed that creativity was a divine gift and that the only means of sustaining it was to continue worshipping the muses and propitiating the gods who created them. Science has since shown that creativity lies within our hands, yet myths persist.


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In fact, the biggest obstacle to innovation is often ourselves (no surprise there)—more specifically, our notions about the creative process. For example, how many of us firmly believe that great ideas come from creative genius? This bestseller debunks a slew of popular misconceptions with meticulous research and offers practical strategies for anyone stuck in a creative rut. It tries to answer the questions that baffle most of us: Why are some people brilliant innovators, while others are consistently out of ideas? Where do eureka moments come from and how can we create more of them?


Creativity is less the outcome of a divine blessing or visitation and more the result of designing the right ecosystem and filling it with properly trained people with diverse perspectives.


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Inside the Box


Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results

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Current business wisdom holds that to forge a powerfully original solution to problems, we must think outside the box. But, as this book reveals, this is utterly wrong. It may seem counterintuitive, but faster, better and more original innovation and creativity come from working inside your familiar world. More specifically, they can be found by using five simple techniques: subtraction, task unification, multiplication, division and attribute dependency.

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Building an Innovative Society

I never regretted the fact that I did a lot of daydreaming when I was young because it turns out to have been very useful . . . We can’t overfill the curriculum for kids, we can’t keep them engaged continuously in specific tasks, we’ve got to have enough space for diverse experiences, for their minds to wander, and we’ve to provide that space as kids grow up.

Watch this speech by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam on what it takes to be an innovative society.



The Art of Innovation

You don’t want to miss this incredible talk by the legendary American marketing specialist, Guy Kawasaki, on how to be innovative based on the “Rethink, Redefine and Recreate” framework.