Global Awareness

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The world is a small place. Events that occur on the other side of the globe can affect us more than we think. However, global awareness is not just about recognising the impact of world issues on local society, but also being mindful of and respectful towards differences when interacting with others. This is especially crucial in a global city like Singapore, which is characterised by its cultural diversity. Discover more from the resources below.



Where in the World is My Team: Making a Success of Your Virtual Global Workplace
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Businesses in the global economy need teams that can work across borders and transcend physical spaces. In this book, fictional character Will Williams shares entertaining anecdotes and practical advice on the challenges of a global, virtual workplace. This easy-to-follow guide, ideal for managers and those pursuing success in the global economy, introduces new technologies and concepts on how to establish a virtual workplace. 

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The final chapter is particularly interesting as we learn about the definition of the new virtual workplace, challenges of virtual collaboration and the six 'C's of Global Collaboration: cooperation, convergence, coordination, capability, communication and cultural Intelligence.

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Book cover image credit: All rights reserved, Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2008.




Managing Diversity in the Workplace

As Singapore globalises so does its workforce. Employees of different generations, nationalities and cultures often work together. With such workforce diversity, it becomes important for organisations to put in place policies and practices to build an inclusive and harmonious workplace. Here’s a toolkit prepared by the Ministry of Manpower to help you get started.


Singapore: Global City

Singapore survives and will survive because it has established a relationship of interdependence in the rapidly expanding global economic system. Singapore's economic future will, as the years go by, become more and more rooted in this global system. It will grow and prosper as this system grows and prospers. It will collapse if this system collapses.

Read this forward-looking speech given by former Foreign Minister S. Rajaratnam in 1972 on why Singapore needs to remain connected to the larger global network.


Cross-cultural Negotiations: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Most of us understand that when entering into negotiations, we should always take into account cultural factors such as the educational or religious background of the person sitting across the table. But according to INSEAD professor Horacio Falcao in this interview, many tend to under- or overestimate these cross-cultural aspects.