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In today’s hurried world, it is easy to be consumed with our own demands and ignore the needs of others around us. We constantly face looming deadlines with a multitude of pressure weighing down on us from all sides. If only we had more time, we often say.

Showing compassion towards another person or a community in need is not always about grand actions. Gestures as simple as a touch or a smile, or even just by being present, can make a difference.

Be inspired by the stories of these selfless individuals.


Educator Runs Bake Sale to Fund Meals for Children in Charity Homes


I thought of people who didn't have a lot to eat during the fasting month. I thought of children in children's homes who didn't have parents to cook for them." A conviction seized her: Like her grandmother, she would help people with food. That was how the foodie came up with the idea of Eiding The Feast, a charity bake where all the proceeds go towards providing meals for children in charity homes during the month of Ramadan.


There are many ways to help those in need. Here is a Straits Times article about Shereen Naaz Charles Syariff's story of how she was inspired to reach out to children in charity homes through food.





Giving Back: A Special Report on Volunteer Vacations

More people are engaging in volunteer work while on vacation. These are some risks you should watch out for as you plan for a volunteer vacation.


Why Giving Away Our Wealth has been the Most Satisfying Thing We've Done

In this interview, Bill and Melinda Gates share their philosophy behind the establishment of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the world's biggest private charitable organisations.


Mountains Beyond Mountains (Adapted for Young People): The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World

Read about the life of Dr Paul Farmer, a medical doctor and anthropologist who devoted his life to improving the healthcare for the poor in Haiti. He also contributed greatly to medical research in tuberculosis and AIDS treatment.

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