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The power of a sincerely uttered 'thank you' cannot be underestimated.

Whether we are the ones showing appreciation or the recipients of it, gratitude always has a profound effect on us as it brings along inexplicable joy.

All of us can live a life of gratitude. Shall we start today?


Nature. Beauty. Gratitude


Begin by opening your eyes and be surprised that you have eyes you can open, that incredible array of colors that is constantly offered to us for pure enjoyment. Open your heart to the incredible gifts that civilisation gives to us. You flip a switch and there is electric light. You turn a faucet and there is warm water and cold water, and drinkable water. It's a gift that millions and millions in the world will never experience.


Louie Schwartzberg is a filmmaker who uses breath-taking time-lapse videos to show how mankind has so much to be thankful for—starting with the little things in life. Watch this beautiful video now!




Choose to be Grateful. It will Make You Happier

According to this New York Times' article, we raise our own levels of happiness and experience greater life satisfaction when we exercise gratitude and count our blessings.


10 Reasons Why Gratitude is Healthy

Add a dose of gratitude to your exercise regimen and balanced diet today to boost your health! This Huffington Post article outlines 10 health benefits when we live a life of gratitude, such as a stronger immune system and better sleep cycle.


Remember to Say Thank You

In this video, counsellor and life coach Laura Trice reminds us that showing appreciation and heartfelt gratitude can make a difference in someone's life. Let's start by saying 'thank you' to a loved one today!