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Learning is the pursuit of new information and knowledge to develop and improve oneself for personal or professional reasons. It can take the form of formal learning in a classroom setting or informal learning from reading books or watching videos. The benefits of learning include raising your expertise in a particular skill, sharpening your mental cognitive ability, expanding your career options and opportunities as well as enabling you to pursue new hobbies and interests.


How you learn is how you live: Using nine ways of learning to transform your life

What is experiential learning? What is the ideal learning process? The authors provide answers to these questions and more using evidence-based research. They identify nine specific learning styles that can be applied toward creative problem solving. They also emphasise the importance of learning flexibility in achieving personal and professional success.

All rights reserved, Oakland, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2017.



Learning for life: How continuous education will keep us competitive in the global knowledge economy

To adapt to today's global knowledge-based economy, individuals and companies must continually upgrade their skills to be at the forefront of the competition. This book examines the education models in America, discusses new learning modes and philosophies as well as offers recommendations for building more cohesive partnerships between training providers and employers.

All rights reserved, Nashville, TN: AMACOM Books, 2015.

The secret to lifelong success is lifelong learning

This article posits that "learning is the single best investment of our time that we can make". The author cites examples of successful leaders and captains of industries, such as former U.S. president Barack Obama, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, who deliberately set aside time in their busy schedules for deliberate learning. The article also includes tips on learning the right knowledge, which can pay dividends, and recommends three steps to help readers begin their own learning rituals.

Source: World Economic Forum website

Published: 16 Jan 2018

Auto: Learning through self-teaching and experimentation

In this talk, Connor Edsall, a biologist/geneticist at the National Institutes of Health in the U.S., redefines the concepts of self-education and experimentation. He highlights three individuals with little to nearly zero formal education who have improved their lives and changed the world through self-education. He affirms that learning is not just the acquisition of information but the active application of acquired knowledge.

Source: Tedx Talks

Published: 13 Jun 2017