Cultural Quotient

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Cultural quotient, also known as cultural intelligence, is the ability to work effectively with people across diverse cultures. It goes beyond cultural awareness to include respect, adaptability and competence in different cultural contexts. In an increasingly globalised world with new opportunities for internationalisation, a high cultural quotient can provide one with a competitive advantage over others. Discover more from the resources below.


Leading with cultural intelligence: The real secret to success (Call no.: 658.4092 LIV)

Working or doing business in the global economy today requires a new set of skills: cultural intelligence. Learn to cultivate your cultural quotient and succeed in any cultural context from this book, which details a four-step model to boost your proficiency to adapt to and manage different cultures at work.

Grab this ebook now or visit our public libraries to borrow a physical copy.

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Speech by Mr Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State for Communications & Information and Health at the official launch of the ‘Eye on Asia’ Resource Centre, 10 February 2018, National Library Building

With Singapore’s small domestic market and the competitive economic landscape, cultural intelligence becomes more relevant as locals are encouraged to explore opportunities beyond our shores.

Read this speech by Senior Minister of State, Chee Hong Tat, to understand why venturing abroad to the region is important to Singapore’s economy.

Eye on Asia

Cultural intelligence is a must-have if one intends to head overseas to study or work. Visit this website for useful information and resources on living and working in emerging cities in the ASEAN countries, China and India.

Why you need cultural intelligence (and how to develop it)

Why is cultural intelligence important for employees? What are the components that make up cultural intelligence and how does one develop each one? Find out more from this Forbes article.