Curated Reads for Quotients

By the National Library, Singapore

“Singaporeans at every level of society need to have a deep understanding of the type of forces that can impact them, especially as the external environment undergoes changes. ... Singaporeans must have a global mindset and global skillsets in order to understand how these changes will affect Singapore and the types of opportunities they bring.”


Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing speaking to Channel News Asia on 21 May 2018.
Source: Channel NewsAsia


Thriving in the future economy will take an astute combination of adopting a growth mindset to embrace change as well as swift agility to acquire new skills essential to remaining competitive.


Intelligence and emotional quotients (IQ and EQ) have often traditionally been cited as key pillars and predictors of success in life and at work. However, with increased connectivity and a global economy at our doorstep, the need to be adaptable, resilient, digitally savvy and a lifelong learner are just some other facets of intelligence that we need to develop.


What does it mean to be future-ready? Can we ever be ready for Singapore’s future economy? Check out these articles and discover the variety of quotients we can tap on in order to become future-ready citizens primed to thrive in the new economy.