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Curated Reads by the National Library, Singapore

Curated Reads is part of the National Reading Movement, a 5-year campaign by the National Library Board to encourage all to Read More, Read Widely and Read Together. It aims to promote reading, lifelong learning and personal development through a set of recommended resources framed around 10 universal values for life, 10 skills for the 21st century worker and 10 quotients to tap on for future-readiness and thrive in the new economy.

Curated by librarians at the National Library, each value, skill or quotient module comprises one core title that introduces the theme, and three supplementary resources for those who are keen to explore further. The materials span a range of formats such as print and ebooks, articles and videos.

What are you waiting for? Choose your curated reads by selecting "Values", "Skills" or "Quotients" below. Let's start reading!