Delivering Literacy to Millions of Children


This resource guide was produced in accompaniment with the programme Four Conversations: Delivering Literacy to Millions of Children. The speaker for the topic is John Wood, founder of Room to Read.

This guide provides supplementary resources for those who are keen to further explore this topic. You can also visit to search for more resources. If you would like to view other resource guides created by our librarians, please visit

This resource guide was prepared in August 2018 by Sharon Teng, a Librarian with the National Library, Singapore.



  Schoenbach, R., Greenleaf, C. & Murphy, L. (2016). Leading for literacy: A reading apprenticeship approach. Hoboken, New Jersey: Jossey-Bass. Retrieved from OverDrive.

This ebook offers a methodological guide for educators to implement a Reading Apprenticeship Framework in schools and colleges to improve students’ literacy and content knowledge.

All rights reserved, New York: Business Expert Press, 2018

This title is also available as an ebook on Overdrive. (myLibraryID* is required to access this ebook)

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Blackburn, R. (2017). Literacy from A to Z: Engaging students in reading, writing, speaking & listening. London: Routledge. (Call no.: R 372.6044 BLA)

This book will enable teachers and reading specialists to gain insights into the tools and strategies they can use to help students hone their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

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Wood, J. (2013). Creating room to read: A story of hope in the battle for global literacy. New York: Viking. (Call no.: 374.0124 WOO)

Be inspired by the story of John Wood, who gave up his well-paying job at Microsoft to embark on a journey to bring libraries and books to the poorest regions of Asia and Africa, as well as learn about his mission to put books within every child’s reach.

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Written by Mervin Teo